Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year, new goals!

This past year we as a family made a goal for each of us to bear our testimonies in sacrament meeting at least one time throughout the year. So we had the WHOLE year to do this. I am SO happy to say we ALL accomplished our family goal...I am so proud of my family!

I am excited to start our new goals that we have set for our family this year. I know we can do them, it will be a lot of work...but VERY necessary! This year we have decided as a family to keep that same goal (to bear our testimonies at last once in sacrament meeting) but to add another goal as well...

A couple of Sundays ago our bishop told us the challenge in the ward is to put the focus back on family. And the importance of "the family" teaching there children NOT just relying on the church to teach the kids the gospel, values and morals. Back to the basics so to speak...make sure families are doing Family Home Evening, going to church activities, doing the goals that are set in place for the YM and YW. These things are all there for a purpose and a reason and it is time we actually DO THEM!! Not only that but be teaching our kids in our homes...not just expecting them to be taught what they need to know at church on Sundays. 

We are guilty of that...I will admit. When the bishop was speaking and saying what the new goal was for our ward (putting the focus back on families) it lite a fire in me. I KNEW what he was saying was SO important and NEEDED to be listened to and actually acted upon. I think too often the leaders of our church are speaking about things we need to do...we listen, but the follow through doesn't necessarily happen. 

I have given A LOT of thought to what our bishop said that Sunday. I know our family was needing to hear that and DO IT!! Cole is turning 13 years old in January and we need to make sure we are doing ALL we can be doing to teach him and rear him in the right direction in well as our other 2 kids. 

I have talked to Melanie and Niki about my idea I have come up with...I figured since we all get together every Sunday for dinner why no in cooperate Family Home Evening then as well. Whoever does the dinner is not in charge of F.H.E. one of the other families will be in charge of that. That way we are all doing what we are needing to be doing to teach our children and us. Melanie and Niki agreed that it was a good idea and so we are going to do it.
I AM SO EXCITED to do this!!! 

So, dinner this Sunday is at Melanie's as it is there daughter Kori's 4th Birthday. Just before dinner we are planning to have Family Home family will be doing it. It won't be something Kent and I will just be doing...but we will involve the kids as well in the teaching and what not as well. 

I know this is a lot to accomplish, but everything in me tells me we can and we will and we NEED too! Of course there is always all the other things we will continue to work on daily like our family prayers and personal prayers...scripture reading to. As long as we are trying...that is what is important!

What are your goals for the New Year?


Lynn said...

Awesome goals!!! I just may add a family goal for more testimony bearing for us. We are just about to do ours, so I am bringing this up.


Laura G said...

What a great goal and a great way to acheive this goal. This is something that I lay awake at nights worrying about.. it's such a big responsibility to teach our children and I never feel like I'm doing it or doing it enough. Good luck!!! Might have to copy your goal. Happy New Years!!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Wonderful goals and bless you all. xoxo