Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CONGRATS Niki and Darren!

Brooklynn Margaret Stone has arrived!
6lbs  10oz.  19 inches long
She is SO tiny and precious!

We got a call from Niki at 1:08 a.m. (Monday, Dec 6) Niki was in labor and needed me to come over and be with Lucas so they could head into Calgary to the hospital.

Niki had been in labor since Saturday (Dec 4) late afternoon (her Mom had been with her the whole time). She went to the hospital Saturday as her contractions were 2 minutes apart and come to find out she was 2cm dilated. They told her to go walk the she did. She went back to the hospital around 10p.m. Saturday night and she was 3cm...not good enough and they sent her home. They told her to come back if there was fluid leaking or blood. All Sunday she was SO uncomfortable.

The baby FINALLY arrived at 5:50a.m. Monday morning (they got to the hospital around 2 a.m.) They are doing good and they are very excited of course! Darren's parents arrived at Niki and Darren's house around 7:30 a.m. to take over with Lucas...he hadn't even woken up yet LOL! 

Tyson and I went over to the Stone's house to put up some balloons and posters in the windows to welcome the new baby home Monday afternoon! I forgot to take my camera with me so there are no pictures. But the posters were bright pink and said  

It's a GIRL! Welcome Home!!  

And then we added balloons all around them. We put them up in there 2 big windows for everyone to see when they drove by the Stone's house. 

They were able to come home Tuesday morning. I took over my camera and took some shots of Brooklynn while I was there.
Niki is doing good and seems so content and calm about everything thus far. She is a good Mom...Lucas and Brooklynn are lucky to have her!

 She has the tiniest features and was NOT happy when I was taking her picture because the flash was bugging her...poor baby!
Brooklynn has some hair and it is so fuzzy and cute. Last night it looked as if it might have some red in who knows...time will tell.
I just LOVE her fuzzy little cute!

Niki looked beautiful and so happy!

Brooklynn is doing well and they are all happy to finally have her in their arms.

Here she is scowling as she wasn't liking getting her picture taken ha ha!

Look at that cute little face.

I couldn't wait to get over there to meet and hold Brooklynn and kiss those cute little cheeks. I waited for the boys to get done school and I went and picked them up and headed over to Niki's. Jade was with us as well as Tyson and her walk home from school together. 

When I picked her up I couldn't get over how TINY she was.

Brynley kept saying, "awww baby" and then she would pat her or rub her. Seeing Brynley with Brooklynn made me realize how BIG Bryn really is now...YIKES!!

 Tyson REALLY enjoyed holding Brooklynn and was SO excited to meet his new cousin.
So sweet!

She opened her eyes and looked right at me as Ty was cuddling her.
It was fun to the boys be so tender and loving to her.
 They couldn't get over how tiny she was either!
 Cole was nervous to hold her he said...he did great! Look at him holding her hand and gently rubbing it...awww! *sniff, sniff*

 Cole pointing out that Brooklynn is sucking her thumb ha!

When he was holding her she started to fuss a bit and then all of a sudden we watched her slowly find her thumb and put it in her mouth.  Niki wasn't happy about that and kept telling us to take it out of her mouth...I said no and laughed and took some more pictures of her sucking her thumb LOL!
So, so cute!

 Jade finally got a turn to hold Brooklynn. She did very good and was so gentle with her.
Jade kept saying, "awww!"

Bryn was SO excited to hold Brooklynn. She had her arm under Brook's head and kept patting her shoulder and the side of her was the sweetest thing!
Bryn loving her new baby cousin Brooklynn.

 Lucas was cute when we were there as I was trying to take pictures of Brooklynn he would place himself in front of the camera and say, 

 It is weird to think Lucas is now a big brother ha ha!! He is very indifferent to her Niki and Darren said....just can't be bothered with her right now. She is a cute little girl and she has come into a wonderful family. I feel bad as I am doing this post I realize there are NO pictures of Darren on here with her...darn it!! Sorry Darren..I need to go back over and take some of you with her for sure.

CONGRATS on your new baby girl!!

On a side note, only17 more days until Christmas...just in case you were wondering! ha ha


Lynn said...

ISn't AMAZING how suddenly our "babies" seem SO huge when the newest little baby in the family is born? I could totally relate to that one.

She sure is a cutie!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Cute cute baby! Great pictures!
Makes me ache to hold her too~