Friday, December 10, 2010

Niki's Mom

Niki and I met at Chinook Mall Thursday. I had some errands I needed to do while I was there and she wanted to get out of the house. She is a brave girl for going out after just giving birth 3 days earlier LOL

After lunch Niki needed to feed Brooklyn so we went into the Family bathroom area where you can sit and feed/change your babies and what not. Can I just say Chinook Mall needs a better family bathroom as the set up is RIDICULOUS! Good thing I was there as Lucas would have been gone and out the door running away from Niki as she nursed...Lucas and Bryn kept pushing the handicap button which opens the door and then the door stays open for a LONG time afterwords. So every time it opened Lucas and Bryn tried to take off. It was NOT fun corralling those 2 little monsters and trying to keep them out of trouble in there. 

As Niki was nursing there were lot's of other Mom's and they all were asking how old each others kids were and how many they each had etc. An older lady in there with one of the Mom's had asked Niki earlier if all 3 of the kids with us were hers and Niki had told her no that only the 2 were hers and the little girl was mine. A few mintues later the oler lady asked Niki if I was her MOM....WHAT THE!?*$@ Niki laughed and said, 

"don't let her hear you asking that!" 

I heard Niki say that and I looked up and said, 

"don't even tell me you asked if I am her Mom?" 

The lady laughed and said, 

"well, you just never know nowa days as Mom's all look so young." 


This is the 3rd time I have been called Niki's Mom or asked if I was her Mom...are you kidding me?!?! She is 24 years old and I am I REALLY look like I am old enough to be her Mom...oh wait, maybe don't answer that LOL!!  
 Niki and I

*sigh*  I have to say I have a HUGE complex now about the whole thing...freakin' people! I serioulsy MUST look older than I think I do since 3...count it...3 people have said that *whine, whimper* ha ha...

I told Niki I wasn't going to go shopping with her or go out with her anymore now (I said that the last time as well ha ha) as being with her makes me feel and also LOOK old according to other people!! 

Ok, I am done feeling sorry for myself now that I got it all out...I need sympathy people =)



Barb Stanford said...


You must consider the incident a compliment. It's the way people interpret you when they meet you. You have an air of wisdom and experience and that is what people are commenting about. You definitely don't look like a grandma but the way you were helping Niki with the kids, and look happy doing it, it made you seem like you were closer than sister-in-laws. Enjoy the compliment. Have a merry Christmas and thanks for all the updates and pictures through the year.

Betty Good

Barb Stanford said...

Thanks are definitely right it is all in how you take it. I will try to look at it differently now =)

Barb Stanford said...


You said you need some sympathy so here it is . . . you look young and gorgeous so DON't sweat it. People are always speaking before they think. I remember when I visited Becky in Provo (she was going to school) and I was always asked if I was her big sister. It used to make her really mad. You can come here and live near me. No one would ever mistake you for the older sister. I will always look older than you. Feel better?

Have a great day.

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Those people need glasses!
YOU look 24, like Nikik!!
Does that help?
Next time, if there is a next time say, "Actually, I am her great grandmother and we have great genes!"

Lynn said...

You CAN'T be serious!!???? Are you? Really?? I can NOT believe people have actually asked you that or even thought it??? What the heck? Seriously? I don't see it at all!

I looked at that picture and thought you both seemed the same age.

Barb Stanford said...

Thanks ladies =)