Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day

Every Christmas Eve the boys sleep upstairs in our front room next to the tree. This way Santa can put presents under the tree downstairs without the boys being down there and sneaking a peek. 

The boys know they have to come wake us up and wait for us before they are allowed to go down stairs. They woke us up around 7:07 a.m. which I thought wasn't bad...not too early! We had to wake up Brynley and let's just say she was NOT happy about that. When we all went down stairs she tried to go back upstairs to bed a couple of times ha ha...she was MAD!!

Once we got her to open her eyes and see her stocking and gifts she calmed down and went to check things out. 

Bryn checking out her stocking.

Tyson and Cole checking out all their stocking stuff.

Kent and Brynley playing with one of her new toys.

Kick boxing shorts
If the boys are wanting to be in a tournament they have to have the proper clothing now they have the shorts. They were both SO excited and surprised to get these.

Tyson and Cole trying on their new kick boxing shorts. They are quite the colors eh LOL!

We surprised Tyson with getting some of his art work he did at school put onto a mug and a key chain. 
Tyson is a major hot chocolate drinker so he thinks it is pretty awesome to have his own personalized mug.

Cole is a rubik's cube wonder. So I found this rubik's cube that is 4 small ones connected and thought this would be pretty cool for him to try to figure out.
It was fun to watch his reaction to this as he looked at it and then his face got all screwed up and he was like, "how the heck do ya do this?" I smiled and said, "that is for you to figure out...have fun!"

All in all it was a good Christmas. Santa brought the kids the new Xbox Kinnect and so we all had fun playing that together. It is actually quite entertaining to watch people is a GREAT work out as well. Now when the boys want to go play there video games they say, "can we go work out Mom"   ha ha!

Once presents were done being opened we went over to Jeff and Melanie's for breakfast. After wards we came home and we were lazy for the rest of the day. Deb came over in the early afternoon and hung out with us until we went back over to Jeff's for Christmas dinner.

We didn't have the usual food for Christmas dinner as we were all sick of turkey and ham. So we decided to have a roast, funeral potatoes, salad and some veggies. It was YUMMY!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Awesome pictures! Love you all. Barb you write such good things for your family to remember. Your gifts were so personalized right down to the mug and keychain. Very clever. Heard from Tyson that the shorts were a HUGE and happy surprise. Glad Bryn got over her 'mad' and started having fun. What did she get that she was excited about? A hew doll? That Kinnect will be a huge exercise incentive for sure. Fun!
Love and more love!

Laura G said...

What a fun Christmas! I love your outfits, you did such a great job. I got a sewing machine for Christmas...yay! Wish I could come to your sewing class, I have a million projects I want to do...and will probably need help on all of them. :)