Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stanford Family Christmas weekend...

This year Sheri and her family were in charge of the Stanford Family Christmas up at her place. We all got together this past weekend on Saturday, December 11. We also all went to church together on Sunday up in Innisfail where Sheri and her family and Debbie go to church. Everyone was there, except for Gary and his family as they are in Hawaii. They were missed, but I am sure they had a good time where they were at =)

Saturday morning we got up early and met Jeff and his family and Darren (Niki's husband...Niki and the kids were already up in Innisfail with Deb) in Olds for a breakfast buffet at Smitty's. It is on the way up to Sheri's so we figured why not?! It was DELICIOUS as usual. From there we went to Sheri's and visited for a while until it was time to go in to Bowden to the Arena to do some ice skating and hockey.

This was Brynley's first time on the ice...she LOVED it! We didn't have a helmet for her or skates as she is just so little. But she had a great time being with her Dad out there on the ice.
The picture in the top left corner of this collage is Kent on his knees with Brynley. He was skating and then sliding down the ice on his knees holding Bryn. I could hear her cute! Every time Kent would bring her to me cause she was cold she would get mad and not want to get off the ice. So back on the ice they would made my heart swell watching them together like this. Being on the ice is one of Kent's places he loves to to be with his kids out there is even better!
All the smaller cousins on the ice having fun...Avery (top left), Lucas with his Dad Darren (top right), MacIntyre (bottom left), Isla (bottom middle), Jeff with Kori (bottom right). Everyone had big smiles on their faces and they all had such a good time out there on the ice together.
The very top picture of this collage is Niki's husband Darren pulling Tyson and I think Josh around on the ice with hockey sticks. I could hear them laughing and they were sliding all over the place having a good time. The littler kids would hold onto a hockey stick and were learning to skate that way.
 The rest of us hung out in the lobby visiting and watching everyone else out on the ice.
 Niki, Debbie and Brooklynn (5 days old)

Sheri provided 2 big 6 foot long subs for everyone to eat for lunch. She had assigned everyone else to bring other things as well to eat and drink while we were at the rink.There was plenty of food. As long as there is food and drinks the Stanfords are good ha ha!

I forgot to mention that Kent's cousins (Dean and Darryl) and there families came to the rink as well to skate and play hockey. It was fun to have them there and visit with them as well.


Playing shiny hockey...
After everyone was done skating the guys and boys played a game of shiny hockey together.
It was fun to see our boys out there playing hockey again. Plus, them being out there with their Dad was even better =) Afterward we asked the boys if they missed playing hockey and Tyson said yes and Cole said not really...Cole's response surprised me LOL!

This is Kent's cousin Dean (in the white jersey) and Kent (red jersey). Kent has the biggest smile on his face...they had a good time!

Here is Logan (5 years old) hanging out on the ice as all the other guys play hockey. I thought his picture of him sitting against the boards like this was so cute...almost sad though...he is such a cute little guy! He did play for a bit.

 Cousin gift exchange
Once hockey was done we all headed back out to Sheri's to play games and eat Christmas dinner. While we were waiting for the dinner to be done we decided they kids might as well open their gifts. Each year we draw names and all of the kids/cousins give presents to each other. We put a $10 spending limit on the gifts. The kids really enjoy doing this and look forward to it...all of them kept asking when they were going to be able to open their gifts ha ha.
Everyone waiting to start the cousin gift exchange. 

We start from youngest to oldest and they take turns opening their gifts. It is fun!
I took a picture of each kid opening their they all are!

Gingerbread house 
Sheri and some of the kids decorated a gingerbread house. They really had a good time doing this...and really enjoyed eating it after as well.

Christmas Dinner
 Sheri did a great job and the food was YUMMY!!

Everyone had a good time and we were all S.T.U.F.F.E.D. 

All the kids played well together and did there own things together really. And us adults played games and visited most of the time after supper.

Sunday morning we headed back up to Innisfail to go to church with everyone there. It was so nice to all be together like that. Everyone went to Deb's after church for lunch and to hang out and play some more games. There ended up being A LOT of napping (kids and adults), eating and playing games ha ha!

It was SO good to be with everyone and have fun. It isn't often we all can get together like this.  

Thanks to Sheri and her family for all they did to make this past weekend was great!


Lynn said...

Oh the hockey rink photos ever bring back memories of our small home town rink. Always a great place to hang out. Love the sub sandwich idea! I must use that one the next time to feed the masses.

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

What a great write up! Great times! So very glad the whole weekend turned out so memorable! Brynley on the rink was awesome with her dad. Very neat! Loved the smiles on Ty and Cole's faces enjoying their cousins and fun times. I see Bryn being held back by Melanie in one Love that Mel's littlest is wearing Bryn's favorite little boot shoes...I think.
Anyways...what a fun time and now great memories.!
Miss you,