Sunday, December 5, 2010


Miss Brynley...
 I am telling you, this little girl can have our house turned upside down within seconds. She seems to be in a search and destroy mode on a daily basis. Most days I feel like I want to pull my hair out with how frustrated I can get with all she is doing...this isn't a fun age! 
 My mother-in-law always teasingly says, 

"well Barbara, you wanted this little girl." 

Yes, we did want her and we still do...that isn't the problem...I just don't enjoy how busy she is and how she has to make such HUGE messes and wreck things constantly...that is what I get frustrated about. 
 Brynley had emptied our 4 laundry baskets and took all of our bedding off our bed and made herself a comfy spot to lay on and watch T.V. When I walked into our room she looked at me and said,  

 "hi Ma!" 

I got after her for the mess and then of course I went and grabbed the camera and took pictures. After she helped clean it all up and sang, 

"clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere" 

as we did this busy little girl =) I can be so frustrated with her and then she can melt my heart in seconds with a kiss and a hug, or her sweet innocent little smile.

It is all I can do everyday to just stay on top of her and the messes she makes. At the end of each day I feel so worn out and exhausted! And then I look around the house and I feel like I didn't get anything accomplished...except damage control with her *sigh*
 This is how I I am running on empty most days!

I wish I could afford a maid...that would be AWESOME and ohhhh so helpful!! OR maybe a full nights sleep would be helpful...Brynley is NOT a good sleeper either and most nights is in our bed UGH!&%@

Outfit fun...
having a girl to dress up and make cute things for is SO fun! Brynley gives the greatest reaction for everything and gets so excited when she puts on new things or "pretty" things.

Brynley and I all ready for church. I thought it was so fun that we were both wearing tall boots with our outfits =)
our boots

Brynley "growling" like a dog...and her hand gestures

 This outfit is so cute...I got it at a second hand store. Once Upon A Child is one of my favorite stores. I always go check out there stuff first before I buy anything new. Why spend more money than I need to if I can get it cheaper and still in good shape??

 Aren't these jeans SO cute! They are little Levi's and they have a shimmery silver pin stripe all over it. I got these at the second hand store as well...her little diaper butt is so friggin' cute in these jeans.

The latest words Brynley can now say are:

hi guys (she says...hi gush)

she has like a southern drawl when she says Ya (sounds more like ye-aw) with her little accent she puts with it.

help (she says hep)

cup (she says cuh)

Niki (she says kiki) 

 Sheri (she says cherry)

Uncle (she says kuncle)

Ohhhh Max (she says, Ohhhh Mac)-she says this because of one of her favorite shows Max and Ruby...the sister Ruby always is saying, "ohhh Max"

This is a lovely picture of Brynley "trying" to go potty. Her cousin Lucas sat on her little potty while she was using the big potty...they both thought this was great!
Brynley isn't potty trained as of yet and to be honest we aren't really trying. We are just too busy. Every now and again I will put her on and she may or may not go. I am hoping after the New Year to buckle down and get her started for real. 

So as her Mom, I needed to get this all out and documented. I feel much better and I will continue to carry on =) We love her to pieces she definitely keeps us on our toes! 


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Brynley is very what a little pixie...glad you take pictures instead of losing it. Ha! And having her help clean up is the best idea.
Give her loves from us.
Love the pics boots and outfits.
Love ya tons.

Lynn said...

HA ha. SHe sure is cute!!!