Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kids Christmas tree...

I have been a HUGE procrastinator and have been putting off putting up the kids tree downstairs and decorating down there. Shame on me as that is where the boys hang out most the time...but for some reason I just couldn't get into it. So Monday night for family home evening we set up their tree. This is where Santa puts all the gifts is under this tree. My tree upstairs is just for fun. I will have to take pictures of my upstairs decorations and put them on here when I have time.
Kent helped the kids put the lights on the tree. It was funny to watch as the kids all held up the string of lights behind Kent as he put them on the tree. Brynley helped as distracted most of the time as the T.V. was on LOL! She thought this was fun and kept saying,

"woooooow, pretty!"

 The kids hanging the tree ornaments. 

It was fun listening and watching Cole and Tyson as they put up the decorations on the tree....remembering when they had made certain ornaments etc...The kids tree is full of there stuff, there Christmas it is fun! They each have their first Christmas tree ornament they put on the tree every year from when they were babies. I usually buy an ornament for them every year to add to the tree.
The kids and I going through all the Christmas tree decorations and deciding what ones to use and hang.

 We have had this train that we put under the kids Christmas tree since the boy were little. It even has a light on the front of it that lights up and smoke comes out of the stack on the is pretty neat. I am surprised it has lasted this long...cause it was cheap and it has been well used. When we brought it out Bryn just kept gasping saying, "ohhhh."
The tree all done!

Here is the train and it still works.
Brynley loved all the decorations and kept pointing up at the star saying, "pretty."
The kids watching the train go around and around under the tree.

Brynley was so enthralled with the train under the tree and all the decorations. She just sat by the tree and watched the train and would clap her hands together as it went by.
Kent and Buddy hanging out. Buddy was very unsure of what we were doing so he stayed back and watched.

It was a good family home evening reminiscing about our memories of things from the past and decoration the tree. We had the fire going as well and a Christmas show playing in the background as we did things. I love the memories we are making together as a family...hopefully our kids will remember this all as well =)


Lynn said...

Oh man.. What would Christmas be without kids, eh? I think they are the ones that remind us of all the magic. Love it.


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Oh this was done so well, it felt like I was there too.
Aw such great memories for your family!
Brynley is reacting perfectly to this new world of hers. Even the dog is trying to take it all in.
Love it and you.