Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Looking forward...

A blog friend (Lynn) had this video on her blog that I just had to share on mine. It gave me goose bumps as it speaks SO much truth!
I had to look back at my years worth of posts to see what went on for us all as a family. It really has been an uneventful year for us. Don't get me wrong we had some great moments FOR SURE...but, it was kind of a hard year as well for many reasons. We did accomplish things we set out to accomplish and the kids are growing and happy and healthy and that is what matters! 

I must say I am looking forward to 2011 and what it will bring...good and or bad?! I feel like I have a lot I am wanting to accomplish and I truly feel like nothing is going to stand in my, come what I am ready...I hope! LOL

I am looking forward to accomplishing all our goals (personal and family ones). I am SO excited to go visit my parents and see where they are serving their mission. Not sure when that will be this year, but it will happen! I am looking forward to reaching milestones with our kids and as a couple. Lot's to look forward to as life is moving along quickly it seems.


Lynn said...

Ooo! I like you "bring it on", with a "come what may" attitude! Go girl!

It really is an awesome video. Glad you like it enough to share it.....that's how I found it......let us women spread it to the world! HA! ; D

Here's to 2011! (Man....I just wrote 2010...had to back space. It still seems weird to me. Remember when everybody was wondering how they would say 2010? 20-10 or Two Thousand and Ten. HA ha. Now here we already are moving ahead....)

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Great video...that Lynn is a keeper as a friend!