Monday, December 13, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun!!

Last year I bought a cute knit like black dress from Zara at Chinook Mall that I got for such a great price of $9.99 (it was regular $69.99 I believe). So I had to buy it as I really liked it and the price was awesome! I am sad to say it sat in my closet until this past I had nothing to go with it. It is a bit shorter than I would have liked, but I put black tights with it and found THEE cutest accessories and shoes last week to go with it...all for cheap, cheap, cheap!! I am all about sales and a good deal...when I find them it makes me VERY happy =)
In this picture the belt is hard to see and so are the shoes...mind you now that I look at this picture the bracelet is on the other arm so you can't see it either ha ha.
This is the bracelet I wore and the earrings were little round drop earrings the same tone as the metal on the bracelet with the same jewels on them as well. Funny thing is I didn't even get them from the same store I bought the earrings and bracelet would have thought they went together as they matched perfectly.

I bought a pair of the cutest shoes...they are very different than what I would normally wear...but I couldn't walk away from them. I NEVER where high heels as then I am taller than Kent, But this time I didn't care and they were too fun and girlie to not buy them.

 I took this picture on my own...kind of a neat shot I think. Yes, they are HIGH, but ohhhhh so cute and girlie!!

 I thought I was going to break an ankle wearing these LOL, but actually I got the hang of them pretty quickly. I got lot's of compliments and it was fun being all dressed up. Kent thought they were pretty nice too =)

I tried to zoom into this picture so you could see the belt a bit better, but this is the best I could do. The flower on the belt is 2 different kinds of fabrics and then in the middle of it there were some jewels and a couple of pearls...can't see the really though.

Kent and I on our way to church in Innisfail this past Sunday. We bought Kent a new shirt as well and he looked VERY handsome in it I must say.

Just so you all know, I posted all of this so my Mom could see what I had been trying to tell her all about. Can I just say that it is SO MUCH FUN being a girl...when we get to dress up that is ha ha!!


Lynn said...

Amen sister!! Rock on. Being a girl is totally fun. Thanks for sharing that post. Only girls would appreciate is as much as we do all the details. LOL!

My dad always kids my mom. He says that when the men are asked what the bride wore to the wedding, they just give a blank look like, "I don't know"....even if it was a WHITE dress. LOL! But when a woman asks, it's something like "Oh she wore a chiffon cream dress, with a high empire waist, and cascading train with pearls and crystals that looped around etched white lace flowers." Blah Blah Blah. HA ha. My dad is SO right. Guys just DON'T get it.

However, THEY do tend to notice when it's a VERY nice outfit on their wives (kuddos to Kent!)....they just couldn't describe it like we do. ; D

You look awesome! Way to go on the fantastic deals!!! P.S. I LOVE your shoes. I have a pair similar to know.....the platform on the front of the foot. So much more comfortable when wearing heals.

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

WooHoo you go girl !!! Love the dress, shoes, bracelet, errings, belt and that awesome chick wearing them all! Talk about sales and more put together the cutest of classy outfits. Way to go Miss Shopper!
Isn;t it fabulous to FEEL so good in an outfit....sure can see that Kent is proud to wear YOU on his arm too. LOL
Like I go have the shopping talent to have fun being a girl. Wow thanks for the was worth the wait.
Classy Dresser;s Mom