Monday, December 13, 2010

sponge curlers

When I was young, wearing sponge curlers in my hair at night and sleeping on them so that I could have curly hair in the morning was the "norm." My Mom gave me some sponge curlers for Bryn's hair a few months ago. So I thought it was time to try to put them in and see what Bryn would do.

Much to my surprise she sat between my legs on my bed and handed me a curler every time I asked her to as we watched T.V. and I put them in her hair (just like my Mom did for me when I was growing up). She sat still and everything...I soooo didn't expect that. 
When Brynley saw herself in the mirror for the first time with the curlers on she was not sure what she was looking at. She saw herself and slowly crouched down so she couldn't see herself anymore in the mirror...then she slowly stood back up and looked at her self again...
 This time she smiled at herself and began to giggle.
 She kept touching them and saying "pretty"...Kent and I couldn't help but laugh as she looked like a little old lady with them in...too funy!

When it was time fore bed she laid down and said, "ohhhhhh" and then sat back up and started pulling out the curlers ha ha...they were in her hair MAYBE a whole 15-20 minutes. We tried to get her to keep them in but there was NO WAY she was going to lay down with them in her hair. So we took them out and I was surprised at how curly her hair was already. 

I remember them hurting as well when I would lay down. But once you wiggled your head into your pillow and the hair stretched out a bit on the curlers it wasn't so bad...or maybe I got used to it. My Mom had made us each a cap to put over top of our heads when we had the curlers in to go to sleep with...just like the girls in Little House on the Prairie.  My Mom suggested that maybe I should make one for Bryn and maybe that would help her not touch the curlers in her hair at night...good idea!
 This is just a picture I found on the internet to show what a nightcap was. I thought I had one of my sisters and I in ours that our Mom had made, but I couldn't find it...I believe we had matching nightgowns and nightcaps to go with fun! 

Yes it was ALL because of Little House on the Prairie. It is SO fun having a girl who loves that show as well....hmmmm, that gives me an idea for next years Christmas pajamas for Brynley =)

So I will keep trying to get her to let me put them in (probably during the day) that way if she leaves them in for about an hour or so then her hair will be curly...we can slowly work into having her sleep on them through the night when she is a bit older.


Lynn said...

HA HA. She is adorable!
My mom would do the same thing every Saturday night after baths. Get us girls (5) in our curlers before bed, while watching the Donny and Marie show.

Only our curlers were those hard wire kind with velcro and she had to pin each one in place. (Dating myself here.) Oh man! When one of those pins wiggled out it hurt sleeping on them!!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Oh my stars does she ever look cute! What a trip back memory lane thinking of you and your sisters in those curlers. HOWEVER...I never got that many curlers in your hair...Brynley has a marathon of curlers!! Ha!
I would do ringlets and so your curlers were going up and down. Too fun and yes the hat seemed to work wonderfully well.
Enjoy this girly girl...she is a hoot!