Tuesday, December 21, 2010

P.J. Friday and other happenings!

 This past Friday was the boys last day of school. Tyson's school had a Pajama Day. He wore his P.J.'s and took his pillow to school with him as they were going to be watching movies and playing games all day. 
 His pillow case is a Christmas one that my Mom made him a few years ago. She made all the grand kids Christmas pillow fun! He was SO excited to go to school Friday morning. 

I gave him a treat/gift to take with him to give to his teacher and school secretary as well. I had made this yummy stuff called "Stuff!" Cole took the same thing to his teacher and school secretary as well. It is all gone and I didn't take a picture of it...but it is 3 different types of cereal, some baked slivered almonds, coconut and a gooey goodness poured over top it all....SO GOOD!!

Friday, December 17
My sister Cynthia arrived from Virginia around 3 p.m. on Friday. She had a job interview in Canmore (she is hoping to move back to Alberta when possible) and then came to our place to visit for a couple of days before heading down to southern Alberta.
Colin (17), Cynthia and Linda (21)

Last time we saw Cynthia was 2 years ago around Christmas time. This time the kids didn't come with her as they were with their Dads. It was good to see Cynthia and be able to visit with her.

Another one of my sisters Tessa from Edmonton wanted to come visit with Cynthia while she was up so she came down to stay with us as well. Tessa arrived around 4p.m. on Friday.

Tessa brought with her some YUMMY baking she had done. Lot's of different types of cookies and brownies...they didn't last long =)

Once Kent was home from work the 3 of us decided to go to the Balzac Mall and walk around and then go to supper afterwords. It was nice to be able to get out and just be with them. We ate at Boston Pizza that just opened up at the mall. We had a good long visit while we were there.

Kent had invited Jeff over as his wife and kids were gone down to Cardston for a few days. The kids and them hung out, ordered pizza and watched movies and played games. 

Saturday, December 18 
Saturday Tessa had to get back to Edmonton so she left around 3 p.m. It was a quick, but fun visit. 
Aunt Tessa and Brynley saying goodbye. Brynley looks like a rag-a-muffin with her hair all over the place.

Thanks for coming Tessa and thanks for the delicious treats you brought =)
Saturday evening  
Kent, Cole, Tyson and I went to the Flames game. Kent's buddy Josh gave him his 2 seats as they weren't going to be around for the game. They are AWESOME seats as they are about 6 rows up behind the Flames bench. Cole and Tyson thought they were in heaven ha ha!
Cynthia offered to watch Brynley for us and they had a WONDERFUL time together. Brynley loved to cuddle with Cynthia. Cynthia said they watched Toy Story, played and read books together. How fun is that!! I am so glad they got to spend time together...Brynley thinks Cynthia is pretty awesome to have around =)

 We arrived almost an hour early to the Saddledome. The Flames were going to be coming out onto the house anytime, so we were waiting to see them come out. 
 Cole and Tyson sitting in their AWESOME seats!
The boys seats were right different than what we are used to seeing. The Flames team are really big guys LOL! Where is says Mr Lube in yellow that is where the Flames team sat...right next to close!

As the time passed people started filtering in. The people who were seated next to Tyson arrived...he got to sit by a girl =)
Waiting for the Flames to get on the ice.

Cole and Tyson...look at how good of seats they have!!

This is the view of the game from our seats...BIG difference from where Cole and Ty are watching the game. Don't get me wrong...our seats are good...there are just amazing!
Kent and I killing time before the game so we started taking pictures with my camera phone. 

It was fun going with all 4 of us. We didn't sit with the boys as our seats were not even close to where they were sitting. But they had a phone and we had a phone and they were to call if they needed us. The Flames lost and it wasn't the greatest game...but still SO fun to be there!

Sunday, December 19
We were leaving for church around 10:30 a.m. and Cynthia was going to be gone by the time we got back. So we took a couple of pictures before we had to leave.
Brynley, Cynthia and I 

Brynley really latched onto Cynthia while she was here. Brynley can't say Cynthia but she did try to and it came out more like, "la la la la" it was so funny as she would just flick her tongue as she would say it when asking where "la la la la" was. When it was time to say goodbye Brynley got sad and laid on her head on my shoulder...she didn't want Cynthia to was the sweetest thing!
 Cynthia is about 10 years older than me so I don't really know her all that well as I didn't really grow up having her in the house. When our parents got married I was 5 turning 6 and Cynthia was 15 years old. I remember just loving her as she was so kind and good to us little kids. Now as adults she is still so kind and fun to be around and talk to. It has been so nice to get to know her better.

Blended families are a tough thing...that is a whole other post. I will have to give you the family tree and who belongs to who ha ha!

Cynthia we loved having you and we look forward to seeing you again. THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking care of Brynley...she adores you!

Sunday evening...
we invited Kent's cousin Dean and his family over for dinner. They live about 8 minutes north of us in Carstairs. They have 2 cute kids Cooper (2 1/2) and Ella (4 months old). I didn't get any pictures of them while they were here (as it totally slipped my mind) but Dean did manage to take one of his daughter Ella while they were at our house.
 She is a little dolly! Her eyes are beautiful and her eye lashes are so LONG! She is just a tiny little thing and ohhhh sooo cute!! 

Shiobhan (Dean's wife) made some delicious treats and brought them over. Man, they were good and we ate most it already too LOL! We ate dinner and played some games and had a good visit with them. Jeff came over as well.

So, so cute!
 I just had to take a picture of Bryn in her brown leather jacket that I had bought down in the states this past summer. How cute is that hey!! And then her little brown UGG style boots...LOVE IT!!
When we went out to do some shopping a few people stopped and asked me where I got her jacket from...they were disappointed when I told them the states.

Only 4 more days left until Christmas...are you ready?

I spent literally ALL day yesterday (Monday, December 20) sewing 5 pairs of Pajama pants for our family. My back is sore, but it is D.O.N.E.!! My sister in law Niki came over and helped me. And Cole babysat Bryn and Lucas over at Niki's so we could get it all done. It is such a huge relief to have it all done finally...nothing like leaving it for the last minute eh!?

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Niki and Cole for all there you guys and I SO appreciate it!


Lynn said...

I didn't know you had a blended family! Cool!

Would love a post about that one. ; D

Barb Stanford said...

Yes, that will be a POST for sure LOL! It will be time consuming and a long one for sure...but I plan on doing it in the New Year some time.

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Wow, so much to read and pictures to enjoy! So glad you do this blog as I love to keep up on you guys! So heart warming!
So glad the Sister time went well and that you had good visits.
Calgary Flames....go team! Fun family times.
Can I just say Brynley looks Adorable with a capital A in her boots and jacket and her hair is so cute. Love her!
Hugs for all the newsy news!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Oh forgot to say that the Cmas pillow cases are still looking pretty good after all these years!
So so glad the pajama day was accomplished and all went well.