Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Literally ALL day today (Wednesday) I was baking yummy treats. My sister in law Niki came over to help me as she was bored. I made 5 different treats and they are all delicious and tasty. 

 A friend was talking on facebook about making these and they looked so good that I just had to try making them myself.

 I got this recipe off of the show Jon and Kate Plus 8 a couple of years ago. But you can find it on lot's of places online. I haven't made it for a long time and my kids have been begging for me to make it again. Super easy and quick!

I got this recipe off of a blog called Becky Higgins. It has lot's of neat you will have to go check it out.

This recipe I got from my sister in law Melanie's Mom. So if you want it you will have to ask me for it as there is no link to it. It is a mixture of 3 different kinds of cereals, baked almonds, coconut and a yummy gooey topping. It is the kind of stuff you just can't stop eating...YUMMMMM!!

Ok, so my sister Tessa brought me a bunch of yummy treats and this was one of them...except hers had chocolate chips in it...and that is what the recipe calls for. I had ran out of chocolate chips because of all the previous things I had made in the day so I just used white chocolate chips. It still tastes wonderful...but I will admit I like it better with chocolate chips.

If you are wanting the recipes to any of those just click on there titles and it will take you to the websites I got them from.

I had to laugh at myself, as most of these desserts I made today have a common theme...chocolate, peanut butter, nuts and gooey goodness!!! ALL my favorites =)

I made a plate for both of my neighbors (on either side of us) and then took a plate to Cole's Scout leader who is just the neatest man and SO good to Cole. Plus I used to Visit Teach his wife and she is just as wonderful and I miss our visits. I then took my Visiting Teaching ladies each a plate of goodies as well. 

This is a plate full of all the deliciousness I made today that I gave to my neighbors and Visiting Teaching ladies and Cole's Scout Leader.

Tyson took the plates over to our neighbors and had fun being able to do that. He said they were all very happy to get the treats and that they said, "Merry Christmas!"   It is always such a good feeling to give and see the smiles it brings to peoples faces.

Cole delivered the plate to his Scout Leader. They were pleasantly surprised to get it. This couple is such a great couple. I really look up to them. They are so humble and so simple. They can light up a room with there smiles. They are so genuine and down to earth. He has really taken Cole under his wing and been such a guide and example to Cole. So I made sure they knew how we felt in the card we gave them. I think it is always a good thing to let people know how they affect your life and touch you. That way they know to keep doing what they are doing...cause it matters!

Christmas Lights
 After those were all delivered we drove around Crossfield to look at all the Christmas lights. I have to say there weren't many. But there were some pretty neat ones as well. One house in town has its own radio station and has music playing and the lights all dance to the music...SO COOL! It was fun to park and listen to the music and watch the lights dance. The kids thought it was great and so did we. 

Above the garage they had a lighted sign that said Tune into 100.1 (that is the radio station that played the music that coordinated with the dancing lights). It was neat to watch...can't even imagine all the work that went into putting all that together!


Lynn said...

Yummo!!!! Thanks for the links...

Although the one for "stuff" does not work. Can you send again? Would love to try it!

Also the one called Monkey Munch is similar to the one we call Muddy Buddies. So addicting! Love it.

Lynn said...

Oh cool when some people put in WAY more effort than usual..makes it SO fun.

We had a house RIGHT across the street from us for over 10 years that had lights hooked up to a radio station. We had SO much traffic congestion each night that we had to really plan ahead or else we couldn't back to our own house!! LOL! They eventually had to have some sort of police escort help the traffic through and in a nice orderly manner. The people eventually sold their house and moved away. It's been SO peaceful since. LOL!

Actually we kind of miss it. It was SO well done and it was totally themed toward the nativity. We jokingly referred to it as "Viva Las Bethlehem". But it really was nice to see. The couple living there would actually start setting it all up before Halloween night. It would take that long to get up in time for Dec. 1st.

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Yummies and lights...ah the fun of Christmas. I LOVE lights and can never get enough of them. Thanks for sharing!

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

Barbara all thoswe looked so good. I hope I can feel better soon to try to make them.