Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bryn's 3rd Birthday party!!

 We had a Bday party for Bryn on Saturday, Oct 1st (her actual bday isn't until Wed, Oct 5th). We rented the gymnastics place in town that Bryn goes to and all the kids had a great time there.

 Trickt Out Gymnastics Place where we had Bryn's 3rd Bday party!
Lucas (4) and Brynley

How cute are they AND they are wearing matching colors :) Lucas is the son of our friends Britt and Brent...they have 3 very cute boys that came to Bryn's party and Bella lives with them as well. 
 Bella and Brynley playing nicely...for now! ha ha
 All the kids had a great time and got out lot's of energy playing in the gym. They loved running and jumping on the little trampoline onto the things that were there. 
 The owner (I forget her name) played with the kids and did some activities. She was there the whole time watching and helping make sure everyone did things safely.
 They played and played. I think their favorite was jumping on the big trampoline and the little ones.
 Tyson had a great time as well!

We played there for 1 1/2 hours and then headed back to our place to open gifts, eat and play some more.

Birthday decorations...
 It is tradition for us to put the number of how old the person is turning in the window with balloons...the kids love it!

The birthday girl ready to open her gifts.

Bryn opening a gift from her dog Buddy...look a the look on her face when we told her who it was from LOL! She thought it was great. 

 Nate asked, "did Buddy really buy that for her?" ha ha

She got A LOT of great gifts and was spoiled by everyone. She was one happy girl!

Brynley LOVES Rapunzel anything...
Aunt Melanie and family gave Brynley a stuffed Pascal toy that is from the movie Tangled. He is Rapunzel's side kick in the movie and Brynley calls him "fruck" LOL I know, I know! She thinks he is a frog so that is why she calls him a "fruck" as that is how she says me, we are working on teaching her how to say from properly :)

The funny thing was, as soon as she opened her gift and saw Pascal she placed him on her shoulder instantly just like in the show Tangled how he always sits on her shoulder. 

Bryn got a a Rapunzel dress, Rapunzel hair and Pascal...what more could a girl want :)
She was beaming with happiness!!

Look at her looking at Pascal on her should in the top left funny! 

The hair was so long. Anytime she bent over to pick something up her hair would get in the way and she would just giggle and say,

"my Punzel hair funny Mom."

The cake...
Brynley desperatly wanted a Rapunzel cake for her bday. So I ordered a Rapunzel cake (which was really cupcakes underneath) from Walmart. Bryn picked it out and we had ordered it about 5 days before her party. Bryn was SO excited for it that every 5 minutes she would say, 

"Mom, Rapunzel cake Mom, pleeeease!!"
Let me tell you, it was a loooong 5 days of hearing that every few minutes.
She has the biggest smile on her face when Daddy brought the cake to her. She blew out the candle before we were done singing Happy Birthday to her as she was so excited! ha ha
 She enjoyed her cupcakes as you can see. They were really good.

It was a wonderful party! Thanks to everyone for coming and showing Bryn so much love.


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Great pictures of this darling granddaughter! She was indeed beaming the whole time. Her Rapunzel outfit and hair had me giggling! Hahaha! Seeing her so proud of her 'frog' on her shoulder was endearing. Partying at the gymnastics place was brilliant. Missing you all...need a Brynley hug and playtime with her!
Love you all !

Erica said...

I don't know if I have a soft spot for her because Caitlyn is the same age but man is she ever a cutie. You're such a great Mom Barb creating such amazing memories for your kids!!! Always love seeing the pics too. :)

Lynn said...

I totally agree with your mom! "Seeing her so proud of her 'frog' on her shoulder was endearing. " She is SO cute!!