Sunday, October 9, 2011

Calgary Temple 2011

A couple of Sundays ago (Sept 25th) we decided to take a drive and go see the Calgary Temple that is being built. We invited Nanny, Niki and Family and Jeff and Family to come as well since it was Sunday and we all usually get together for Sunday dinner anyways and then do Family Home Evening. We thought going to see the Temple and taking pictures and talking about it would be a great Family Home Evening.

Jeff and Family and our Family arrived at the Temple site before everyone else.
 Jade and Tyson seeing the construction of the Temple for the first time. You can't see it on this side of the Temple, but on the other side some of the outside granite had been put on.

left to right: Tyson (10), Jade (7), Logan (6), Nathaniel (6), Kori (4), Cole (13), Avery (2) and Brynley (2) 

 It was SOOOOOO windy while we were there!! 

 Our Family

I thought it would be such a great documentation of the history of the Temple and our Family and how old the kids were at the time it was being fun to look back on one day!
Jeff and Melanie and Family

Debbie and Niki and Family arrived so we got some pictures of her with the Grand kids that were there that day.

 left to right: Cole (13), Jade (7), Tyson (10), Brooklynn (9 months), Nanny, Nathaniel (6), Lucas (2), Logan (6), Brynley (2), Kori (4), Avery (2)

I didn't get a family picture with Niki and her Family darn it. It was fun to watch the kids looking at the Temple and answering their questions that they had. We plan on going back in a couple of months when it has progressed even more and take more pictures then.

Bryn was standing there and I took a couple of pics for fun and now that I have seen them I am wishing I had done this with each of my kids darn it!!

Brynley and the Calgary Temple is behind her. There is something about this picture that I just love!

Oh how I love this little face!

We didn't stay too long as it was VERY windy so therefore it was kind of chilly out as well. So thankful we went and did this...can't wait to go back. Afterwards everyone went back to our place and had dinner and visited.

This is what the Temple will look like one day when it is all finished. It is going to be so awesome to have a Temple close by like this. 
Calgary, Alberta Canada Temple

This blog Calgary, Alberta Temple Construction has documented the temple being built. It has been fun to follow and watch it progress and change.


Lynn said...

Oh I am SO glad you guys did this. We have been making this a tradition too since the ground breaking. I was going to tell you about the temple site blog, but I see you already know. lol.

Did you know you can also see the progress from the Church web site? They have people submit photos that go and visit there. Some of them are really neat....air view and all.

Angela said...

I loved seeing your photos of the new Calgary temple. I love reading your blog and hearing about all the fun things you are doing.