Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bryn's hair cut

Brynley's hair is growing, but it is thing and fine just like mine. Plus having all that baby hair at the ends make her hair really tough to manage. I got my hair done on Tuesday and talked to my hairdresser about her hair and what should I do with it. He told me to bring her in to him and he would fix her up. So Wednesday we had a Mommy/Daughter date and went and got her hair done. She was SO excited!! So was I, but I was more excited for them to meet my sweet little girl and show her off to them :)

I was so impressed with how well behaved she was for it all. She sat still and every now and again pointed at her earrings or nail polish showing the hair dresser (David) and he would say how pretty it all was and she was smile and say "yes." ha ha

David put some layers in her hair and it layed so much nicer and looked so much better! I am trying to grow her hair out so I didn't want him to take too much off the length.
 Miss Brynley with her new hair cut. How stinkin' cute is she!? He straightened it so we could see what it would look like. She has natural curl in her hair so normally it is wavy.

I was getting her in the van to go have lunch and she said,
"Mom, take picture Daddy see me hair." 

 She wanted me to take a picture to email Kent so he could see :)

 Here is Brynley with her natural curly hair. It is so much curlier now that it has layers...LOVE IT!!

 Bryn liked it too and she kept saying, 

"me Punzel hair Mum, pretty, pretty!"

In other words she says her hair is like Rapunzel and it is so this girl!! I can't get over how grown up she is looking.  


Barb Stanford said...

I forgot to add that when Bryn saw my hair dresser's hair (the guy with the long curly hair) she whispered to me, "Mum, him Punzel hair?" ha ha She was confused that he had long hair and was asking if he had hair like Rapunzel :)

Lynn said...

HA HA. Your added comment is so funny. TOo cute.

But she truly has gorgeous hair! Just think what it will be like for her at 16. ; )