Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Our baby girl is now 3 years did that happen?

Bryn's birthday morning started out with an early morning long distance phone call from her Grandpa and Grandma calling from Salt Lake City. 
 We put them on speaker phone and they sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her...she was one happy girl :) She LOVES talking to "Papa and Mama" on the phone.

Brynley was born October 5th 2008
 As you can see by the smile on her face, she was so excited that it was,

"my Bifday Mommy!"

I love how she says Birthday...she says "bifday."
 Bryn LOVES balloons! Plus I was having fun taking her picture too :)

We met some of her cousins at the McDonald's Play Place and had  lunch and the kids played and had a great time. I didn't even think to take pictures of them there...DARN!!

When we came home she fell asleep on my bedroom floor.
A tuckered out Birthday girl! 

 She was watching her new Barbie movie and playing with all her new Barbies and Princess dollies LOL! She has been having a wonderful day so far :)

 Brynley giving her Daddy some loves!

 Nanny and Brynley at Cole's Awards Night the evening of her Birthday!

Brynley opening a couple gifts. You can see how tired she is in the bottom right picture...poor girl!
The top left right picture is her saying,

"yeah, I'm 3!!"

 Aren't these just the most creative and cute things! They are ice cream cupcakes from DQ.
I thought they were perfect as she had already had a Bday cake at her Bday party this past Saturday. BUT, I was still wanting to sing to her on her actual Birthday so these worked out perfectly....and they were really yummy!!

When I brought Brynley her "ice cream cupcake" she was pleasantly surprised.
Bryn blowing out her bday candles.

We had to re-light her candles 3 times as she kept blowing them out before I could get a picture and before we were done singing Happy Birthday to her LOL!

We all enjoyed our ice cream cupcakes with Brynley.

We love you so, so much! Life hasn't been the same since you came into our lives...we wouldn't want it any other way.

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Lynn said...

Oh dear. Seeing your piano in the first photo got me all teary eyed again over losing mine! HA ha.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little girl ever! Love her smile. Turned 3, eh? WOW. Totally took me back to when Corey turned 3. Just 5 days after moving into this house. Now here he is 18 years old. That's jus sick. Where does the time fly?

DQ has ice cream cupcakes?!!! Shut the door! I had NO idea! How come no one told me? Probably because I will buy them all. I am So going for those the next time I get there. Those looks seriously good.