Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Last night the kids were playing in the back yard right before bed time. Cole and Tyson were on the trampoline and Bryn and Nathaniel were throwing balls at them. They were having a great time and there was lot's of laughing and yelling. I was folding laundry in our room as I listened to the kids having a good time. It was one of those happy moments, like life couldn't be any better than it is. 

Then I hear this SCREAM from Brynley....she is loud and she is M-A-D!! So I peek out my bedroom window to see what is happening. The boys are laughing and having a great time playing, they are all ignoring Bryn as she is sitting on our deck on the stairs screaming and crying to the top of her lungs. I yelled out our window to Tyson to stop and see what is wrong with Bryn. I could only catch a few words she was saying through he crying and screaming  

"toes, gross, Buddy, poop!" 

I thought please no, please don't let it be that she stepped with her bare feet in some of our dogs poop in the back yard (that by the way had all just been picked up after school)

As Tyson got closer he was asking her what was wrong and she lifted up her foot and said 

"wook, wook at me foot!" 

Tyson yelled  

"GROSS, Brynley stepped in Buddy's poop with her bare feet. Mom, I am NOT cleaning this." 

He ran and got back on the trampoline and all the boys are making nasty sounds and saying how gross that is. And of course then it sets off Brynley even more and she starts crying and screaming even louder than she already was...{{sigh}} I did NOT want to go clean her up, but I knew I had to.

Poor Bryn was sitting there by herself so disgusted with the poop that was all squished between her tiny little toes and caked all over the bottom of her foot. It was N-A-S-T-Y to say the least!! I had brought out wet wipes with me ready to clean it up. As I cleaned her up she as crying and yelling at Buddy saying,

"Buddy, wook at me foot, you poop on my foot, bad boy Buddy!" 

I was trying hard not to laugh listening to her blame it on the poor dog. I calmed her down as I am sure the neighbors were thinking we were beating her or something like that LOL. Once she was cleaned up I told her that that is why she is to wear her shoes when she goes outside and to go get them on...nope, off she went and started giggling throwing the balls at the boys on the trampoline like nothing had happened...silly, silly girl!!

The joys of motherhood ha ha!!

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Gayla Woolf Holt said...

I am just busting up reading this!!! Bwhahaha! That little girl just cracks me up with her interpretation of what is going on in her little life! Hug her for me and tell her I am so glad her toes are clean again. Giggle.
Love from Brynkey's Grandma G.!