Sunday, October 16, 2011


Kent's sister Niki had Thanksgiving at her house this year. She asked us to bring the potatoes and buns. So that morning Kent was getting things ready and this is what I saw when I came into the kitchen...

Daddy and Brynley pealing potatoes

Bryn had pushed a chair up to the sink to see what Kent was doing. She wanted to "help" so Kent had her rinse off the potatoes and put them in the pot once he was done pealing them.

 Bryn helping Daddy

When I came up to her and asked her what she was doing she said, 

"me a heper Mom!"
(a helper) 

It was so cute to watch her do her part to help her Daddy. It melted my heart to see them both together doing, so sweet!

Thanksgiving at Niki's...
Aunt Melanie or as Bryn calls her "Menanie"  was sitting with Bryn and showing her this cute game on her ipad while we were getting dinner ready.
Brynley and Aunt Melanie playing a game together.

Bryn was giggling as she played the game. Thanks Melanie for distracting her so we could get things done :)

Not everyone could come to Niki's for Thanksgiving Dinner. Debbie (Kent's Mom), Jeff's Family, Niki's Family, Josh & Taylor (their parents were working so they came with Debbie), Our Family and Gary's Family all were at Niki's on Monday. When all the Stanford siblings get together there are A LOT of kids let alone adults. But, the kids all have a great time together and love each other so much.

Lucas, Brynley and Thijis (Tyce)

Brynley loves her you can see LOL! I told her to put her arm around him and this is what she looks like she is choking him and poor Lucas looks like he is scared ha ha!

This is Gary youngest son Thijis (it is pronounced Tyce) and it was his 2nd Birthday on Monday. We don't get to see Gary and his family all that much so we really don't know his kids all to well. We wanted to give Thijis a Birthday gift and not knowing what he likes we were a little worried he wouldn't care for his gift.

 Thijis and his Birthday gift...Mr. Potatoe Head!

We bought him this huge Mr. Potatoe Head that had a family of Potatoes Heads inside it. Come to find out Thijis LOVES Mr. Potatoe Head...YAY!!

I didn't take any pictures of the dinner...wasn't thinking as it was so busy in there. But, it was all very, very yummy. Jeff deep fried the turkey and it was really good.

Deep frying a Turkey

This isn't the actual photo of our Turkey, but I wanted to show what I was talking about. I will admit I was leery of  deep frying the turkey and wondered if it would be good or not. And it was! 

It was great to see everyone and play games and hang out. The food was great! Thanks to Niki and Family for having us all over :)


Lynn said...

I've always heard about how good a deep fried turkey is,but I too am too scared of trying to do that. How easy is it too do? Did you have to be overly concerned with little kids around? Or is there some sort of safety latch on the lid?

Barb Stanford said...

I am not sure how easy it is to cook as my brother in law does it all since it is his fryer. It is very dangerous and you can't let little kids around it at all. It takes a while for it to cool down as well. It tastes good though :)