Sunday, October 16, 2011

Papa and Brynley...connections...

Brynley was only 9 months old when Kent's Dad passed away.When they were living here they had a special was so interesting to watch them interact with each other. She was a baby and to little to understand what was going on with her Papa. But, I think on some level she did understand...her being so small and new to this world. I think she could sense/feel something was going on.

Her bedroom was next to where Russ and Debbie had there room in our house. If I was holding her walking passed their room she would always lean in towards their she was wanting me to stop so she could see them. So in we would go and she would coo and talk with Russ and smile and then would always lean in and give kisses. It was the sweetest thing! 

As Bryn got bigger and was able to say some words she sometimes would point at nothing and wave and say, 

"Papa, hi Papa!" 

We were in my bedroom and she was sitting on my bed when she did this. I asked her if Papa was there and she smiled and said yes and she was giggling away like someone was there talking to her. She then said, 

"Papa funny" 

and then babbled away at the air. I asked her where Papa was and she pointed in front of her on the bed. Now, I have never been a believer in things like this...but she is so little she couldn't make things like this up. 

One time we were driving and she was talking away and I asked her who she was talking to and she said,  

"my Papa." 

I about drove off the road as it shocked me so badly. I asked her what he was saying and she just smiled. She said, 

"bye Papa, miss you...him go Mommy!"  

I was floored by all this. I told Kent about it and he too was taken back by it all.

On Tuesday, October 11th Brynley walked up to the Stanford Family pictures that are on our wall in our kitchen and out of nowhere said in a happy giggly voice said, 

"hi Papa" 

and waved at him. She again was giggling and I grabbed my cell phone and took a picture of her standing there talking to the pictures. I just watched and listened to her talk away like she was having a conversation with him.

She then started pointing at the pictures and naming everyone that was in the pictures that she knew. When she was done she blew kisses and danced away and went and played like nothing had happened.

She has made me a believer that the veil is very thin. I do believe there are some people who are more sensitive and in tune to "things" around them. I am in awe of this precious little girl!

I have talked to Deb about Bryn and her talking with Russ and Deb says maybe he is like her guardian angel :)

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Lynn said...

Oh it is so true about the veil being very thin. And when there is a sweet and innocent spirit around....they seem to be able to see and hear more clearly those who have passed on. It's sad that as adults we are not more in tune to the spirits from the other side. However, I do witness it from time to time with adults. These are adults who... to me.... are spiritual giants!

Anyway...this post was so beautiful and precious. I am glad you recorded it. She will treasure it as she gets older.