Saturday, October 8, 2011


I have been serving in the YW for 9 months now...I LOVE IT!!  

It has been such a blessing to be the YW Secretary in our ward. It hasn't been at all what I thought it would be like (easy peasy that is) as I am just as busy as the YW Presidency and I am expected to do activities, teach and everything else just like they do. I so didn't see that coming LOL...I thought I would show up on Sundays, take attendance and do random little things for the Presidency...WRONG!!

Going to YW Presidency meetings every 2 weeks for a couple of hours, attending the YW activities weekly, working with the girls and doing my duties as the YW Secretary and helping out the YW Presidency is A LOT of work....but, I wouldn't change a thing!

Each month I also make a YW Newsletter for our girls and their families. It is time consuming, but so much fun for me to do. 

I put this awesome picture and saying in our newsletter for this month- SO true and SO important for the girls to know and remember!

A couple of Sunday's ago in the evening we had YW Leadership Training with our YW Class Presidencies. I was to teach them about Agendas and the responsibilities of the Secretary. I got up there and started to speak when the YW President stopped me and started telling everyone how thankful she was for me and how important the YW Secretary is. She was in tears as she talked and thanked me for all I do. I was incredibly touched and so grateful for her kind words. It all went well and I think the girls learned a lot. 

I have grown spiritually by leaps and bounds these past 9 months!! Serving these girls is a tough and scary calling, but fun and exciting as well. 

Getting to be with these awesome girls each week is such a blessing! I love the ladies I serve with and I have such a respect for them and ALL they do for our girls.

Our YW camp- July 2011
They have so many challenges in front of them (as we all do) but, thankfully they/we have such great tools to use to be able to conquer the challenges they will face.

Armor of God

Satan is real and wants so badly for us to fail as leaders, teachers and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 

I feel the weight of the importance of my calling each day as a leader in the YW's, as a Mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a neighbor, a sister etc. We are being watched in all aspects of our lives and we need to remember that and live what we are taught.

Life is good and I am so, so blessed :)

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Lynn said...

Oh Barb! I am so glad you are enjoying your calling. IT truly is an important one.

LOVE LOVE that picture of the temple with the quote. Seriously. That is awesome!