Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cole's Award Night

Last week we received a phone call from Cole's school telling us they will presenting Cole with an award on October 5th and can we be there to support him? I said yes of course we can! They wouldn't tell us what the award was for or anything.
 Cole's Nanny came to show her support. Cole was happy to have her there.

 Nanny and Brynley. Nanny was singing O Canada...and Bryn thought it was great!

Before the Award Ceremony started we sang O Canada and stood up. Brynley wasn't sure what was going on and just kept looking around at everyone and smiling.

Grade 7 Honor Roll Award...
Cole was presented with the Permanent Honor Roll Award for when he was in Grade 7 last year.  When they called his name and presented him with his Award it was a great moment. Seeing him up there made me tear up as he has had a lot of struggles this past year and he conquered a lot of them and even kept his grades up in the mean time!!
 They had a big screen up on the wall that projected the kids names who was getting the Award. Cole's name is on the right hand side 3rd from the bottom.

We are VERY proud of Cole and all his hard work!
Cole and his Award with his Nanny.

Wednesday, October 5th was also Brynley's 3rd Birthday. It was a special day for them both and they were happy to share it together!

Brynley attacking Cole with kisses and loves! They were both giggling as she was doing this.

How cute is this picture LOL! It was a great way to end an even greater day!!

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Lynn said...

Congratulations Cole! That is AWESOME!!