Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photography course

On Monday, January 31 I was in an all day Photography Course at the Red Deer College. My Mother in law (Deb) and Sister in law (Sheri) took the course with me. It started at 9 a.m. and ended at 4:30 p.m.

I have to mention that it was -31 out that morning in Red Deer. So from where we had to park Sheri's vehicle and then walk to the front doors of the college was not fun...our faces HURT from how cold it was!

We were surprised when we walked into our classroom to see computers at each desk. I was nervous to begin with and walking in the classroom made my anxiety go way up LOL!

Sheri, Deb and I in our class room.

For some reason by the middle of the day our corner where the 3 of us were sitting got called the "problem corner" ha ha! I think it was because we were the only ones brave enough to ask the questions everyone else wanted to ask. Plus everyone seemed so serious and we were always teasing and trying to make it fun =)

It was a full class, probably about 15 of us in there.
This is an example of what we learned about exposure. Here is a white piece of paper that can look almost grey if your camera is not on the proper settings. Neat eh!
Here is another example with our teacher dropping a Kleenex and us trying to take the picture in the right settings.

There were 3 Barbara's in the classroom...the story of my life! ha Seriously, when I was growing up in Cardston there were 4 Barbara's and one year we were ALL in the same home room...I hated it!!
This is Barbara =) 

In this shot her hand is blurry and her face and background is focused.

We paired up to do this experiment of setting the focal points to make what we want focused and the other things will be blurry. I liked learning this technique it was neat.

And in this shot her hand is focused and her face and back ground is blurry.
I kept taking pictures of Sheri during class when I was trying to figure out different settings. 

This the view of what was in front of me.

Me at my desk. 

It was a fund day! Do I feel like I learned all I hope to have BUT, I did learn a lot and I need to practice what I did learn and go from there. I definitely need to take more courses and figure things out. It is interesting and A LOT more to photography than I ever could have imagined.

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Lynn said...

HA ha. Good for you for being the problem corner. I love taking classes where there are people brave enough to make the day go by with a little fun and who will ask questions. I bet every question you asked was at least thought of by someone else, but was too afraid to ask out loud. Awesome!