Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Potty training

We have officially started the potty training process. 
I found this pic online and thought it was SO cute!

I bought Brynley a 3 in 1  Princess potty at the end of November. She loved to sit on it and that was about it. 
It is cool as it the top part comes off and then the base can be used as a step stool. She doesn't like to sit and pee in her Princess potty. She likes to put the cushioned potty training seat onto the big toilet and use that...which I prefer her to do =)
This princess seat is fancier than the plain one we have for Bryn, but it gives you the idea anyway.

I also bought this portable travel cushioned potty seat that folds up and has a little bag to carry it in. This way when we are out of the house she will have something to use wherever we are.
So we are ready to get her potty trained! Hopefully it doesn't take forever to far so good!

Bryn sitting on her potty.

Sorry, that picture is fuzzy as it was taken with my cell phone. She always has to have her toys in there with her when she is going. Behind her on the counter you can see the Barbie she was trying to earn. She didn't get to hold it or open it until she went pee in the potty a few times. 

She did it and was thrilled to finally get her Barbie!

But lately she has been telling me "it hot" whenever she pees in her diaper or says, "whas that" (what's that)?  

I have come to realize that if she has a diaper on or her panties then she will pee in them and tell me as she is peeing that she needs to go...she will say, "potty, potty." Which is good that she is aware of when she is going as that is half the battle. 

The past few days I have let her be naked during the day (with just a shirt on) and she has done really well with telling me when she has to go and we go running to the potty. 

Potty bribes... 
The Disney Store was having a sale on there plush stuffed toys. So we picked out a few of them to use as potty training bribes for Brynley. Let's just say we have given them to her a lot quicker than we should have, but she has earned everyone of them by going potty. 

Buttercup, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jesse, Bullseye, Pig, Lots'O, Octopus = One happy potty trained girl!

She L.O.V.E.S her Toy Story "stuffies" and takes them everywhere we go. There are 6 of them in total. I got her a Beauty and The Beast 99 cent bag to carry them all in and she thinks it is so great!

She wouldn't let me help her carry her bag, she wanted to do it!

Bryn carrying her bag of toys through the mall.

Anyone we walked passed would giggle when they saw her as her bag was just as big as her. Plus, how she was carrying her bag was ohhhh so cute! Look at her hand/arm that is holding her bag...too funny!

Funny story...
Friday, February 11 Brynley did so well with going pee in the potty all morning...not even one accident. Anytime she goes pee in the potty we give her a Toy Story sticker that we bought from the dollar store. We give her a high five and clap our hands and tell her  

"good girl, good job" 

whenever she goes pee on the potty. And then we give her a sticker and she gets so excited.   Friday morning she came up to me and she and showed me what she had done with all her "potty stickers" she has earned...she has stuck them all over her va-gee gee and legs. She showed me and said, 

"pretty, pretty." 
 I took some photos as it was just waaaaay too funny! But I won't show you the full pictured ones as it is a bit risque LOL!

She eventually had to go pee and wanted them off and she was ticked cause it hurt taking them off her skin LOL...poor stickers, funny girl! ha

I have to say seeing Brynley in underwear has been a happy time, but a sad one as well. I am SO glad to be done with diapers...but, then that means our baby is no longer a is official! When I realized that I will admit I wanted to stop time and hold onto her for a little while is going by too fast! 

Kent is so funny as he calls Brynley's bum the "butt munch" whenever her little underwear is riding up into her butt cheeks ha ha ha! He says, "Brynley your butt is munching your underwear." Nice hey!!

"No wanna poop"
We told Brynley if she pooped in the potty that we would go get her a big stuffy from her favorite store Build A Bear. She had been holding her bowel movement for 3 days. On Friday Brynley had been sitting on the potty for about 5 minutes and still hadn't gone. It was past her nap time and she was tired. I was sitting next to her on the tub ledge telling her she can do it etc.
Bryn asleep on the potty!

Within a few minutes she laid her on my legs as she was sitting on the potty and fell asleep. I was laughing so hard as she was even snoring! I had my cell phone in my pocket so I was able to take this picture.

Brynley FINALLY went poop on the potty this past Saturday. Cole and I took her to Build A Bear and she was the happiest little girl.
Brynley with her new stuffy...a dog she picked out.

In the end she picked a dog and they even put in a thing she squeezes so it barks. She also got these little elastic bows that we put on each ear and on his cute! Bryn kept saying,

"ohhhh pretty!" 

 Bryn and her new stuffy

Build A Bear is Brynley's Heaven! She could spend hours in there looking at everthing.

She was very concerned as there was something on her puppies face.

Brynley has done SO well with potty training. She was ready and it has been A LOT easier than I expected it to be. Time consuming YES, but otherwise not so bad!

We are proud of you sweet are getting so big so fast!  
*sniff, sniff*



Melanie Stanford said...

So jealous that you have her potty trained already! Wanna do Avery? Haha. Well done Brynley!

Laura G said...

In my classes at University my prof once compared potty training to getting a PhD for toddlers, such a HUGE accomplishment. Way to go Brynn! That is just great. I've never seen the fold up potty, how cool is that...could have used that a few time already.

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Haha! Your happiness in getting her potty trained is showing up in a "stuff-y" sort of way! Brynley is not going to get oompletely potty trained any time soon, as she has a goos thing going with all those toys and stickers...LOVE IT...LOVE HER...LOVE YOU!! Have fun!