Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sentences and Hair Do's...

At the beginning of January, Brynley shocked us by speaking in sentences every now and again. The morning of Monday, January 3 I was in the computer room and she came in holding her new princess baby doll that my sister Deb had given her for a Christmas gift.  And she said patting her doll, 

"Mum, where her pretty go?" 

I about fell over...she has never said that many words all together clearly like that. Her dolly was missing her crown and she wanted to know where it cute!
Tuesday, January 4 in the evening I could hear Brynley singing, so I quietly went to see what she was doing. She was standing in front of a mirror watching herself as she was singing and dancing. When she was done she clapped her hands and bowed and said, 

"tankyou, tankyou." (thank you, thank you) 

How funny is her!!

She also now says: 
"Co where you eye go?"
(Cole where did your eyes go- meaning his glasses)

"you mi me"
(you miss me)

"hewoow "

"sheesh Daddy"

"what mum"

"why ma why?"

"Mum, foam" 
(Mum phone)

(means broken)

"tear ya go" 
(there ya go) 

"Mum, where my Daddy go?"

"where you go?"

"where awww you?"
(where are you)
"I no no"  
(I don't know)

"I get you" 
(I'm gonna get you)

"Come get me"

"hep me peeeease" 
(help me please)
"no touch"

and the much more!

Brynley is what I call a "kissy fool." She literally ALWAYS has to kiss EVERYTHING goodbye, no matter where we are or what we are doing...she has too give something a kiss goodbye! 

When you walk out of Walmart there are pictures of whatever new movies or games that have just been released. Usually the poster is inset in the alarm things as you walk in Walmart. This week the poster in there is Shrek. So whenever we are leaving Walmart she grips onto there and has to kiss each character bye. The greeter that is usually standing right there has a good laugh. Brynley just likes too kiss...she gets that from her Dad =)

Hair Do's
I have been trying to do Bryn's hair lately...other than the usual hair clip and pony I usually do. Her hair is sooooo fine and there are so many baby hairs, that it is hard to do. Never mind the ca-licks all over the place ha!

I was getting her dressed the other morning and she didn't have her shirt on yet. She was standing on my bed and she would slowly put her head all the way back and then turn her head from side to side (she could feel her hair touching her back cause of her bare skin.) She giggled and then looked at me and said, 

"Mum, whas tha?"
(meaning what's that?)

She did that over and over and would giggle as her hair was tickling her back when she would move her head from side to side. I did her hair in a pony tail and the pony was in a ringlet. She jumped off the bed and stopped and looked at me suddenly (her pony tail moved and she felt it). She slowly shook her head from side to side and her pony tail moved back and forth. She smiled at me and said, 

"Mum, Mum whas that?" 

She ran all around the house shaking her head giggling....silly girl! It is so fun to see her reaction when she notices something new to her.
Every morning this is where Bryn sits and I do her hair. She watches T.V. and plays with toys sitting on the corner of our bed while I quickly try to get her hair done. I had to laugh when I realized this is exactly how my Mom did mt hair when I was growing up. I would be in her room by 7 a.m. sitting on the corner of her bed with whatever I wanted my hair done with (bows, clips etc) and she would do my hair.

Brynley is a actually pretty good about letting me do her hair each morning. I guess it is because I have made it like a routine. 
The "inverted" ponytail. I had this done on me when I was easy!

In this picture Bryn's hair has been put in small sections with elastics and then those ends were each separated and put together by twisting them and put into messy buns.
 I have looked on the internet and found some great websites for hair ideas. This hair do is taken from a site called Girly Do's By Jenn. Instead of leaving Bryn's hair in 2 pony tails at the back I did them each as a messy bun instead.
Everytime I am done doing her hair she goes to look in the mirror to check it out and usually says, "ohhhh pretty!" I really enjoy doing her hair...I get that from my Mom as this is one of her favorites as well =)
This was my first attempt at trying to french braid Bryn's hair. NOT an easy thing to do with such fine hair and there isn't much there to braid really.
Brynley was a turkey as I was trying to take her picture. She wouldn't hold still. She kept cuddling with Buddy and giving him loves! Gee, do ya think she likes him very much??

This past Sunday I tried this hair style on Bryn and actually it worked really well with her hair type. I sectioned off 3 parts and twisted them as tights as I could get them and put an elastic in to hold them together. I curled under her ends and off we went.

Look at this face, she is too cute!!

Terrible Two's
The other day on a friend of mine on facebook wrote, 

"Dear Terrible Two's...I hate you!!!"  
ha ha  

It made my day reading that cause that is EXACTLY how I have been feeling lately. Brynley is into everything, wrecking everything, climbing on or up everything, makes HUGE messes in literally is exhausting! 

Brynley likes to do whatever I am doing when I am getting ready in the morning. So when I am doing my make up, she is usually standing on the toilet pretending to do her make up as well with all my old empty make up things that I have given her to play with. When I put lotion on my hands and face, Brynley stands there with her plams up starring at me waiting for me to put a little drop of lotion on each of her palms so she can rub lotion on her hands and face. She LOVES lotion just like I do!

Well, the other morning I was in the other room not realizing the bathroom door had been left open. Brynley came up to me and said with her growly little voice, 

"Oh no, Mummy, mess!" 

I turned and looked at her and she had lotion ALL over her. In her hair, on her clothes, all over he body. She ran away and wanted to show me where the mess oh no look what happened. I went with her and my bathroom looked like lotion had thrown up on it. It was EVERYWHERE!! You couldn't see the mirror anymore and our tooth brush's had been used as her paint brush applying the lotion to everything. Bryn kept saying, 

"nice, nice" 

as she rubbed her cheeks with the lotion that was all over her! *Deep breath in, deep breath out* is all I could say to myself. Needless to say the lotion incident has happened twice. If the bathroom door gets left open she bolts in there and heads straight for the lotion. So the lotion is now up high on a shelf where she can't reach it.


Janay said...

Hahaha. Sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh when things like that happen!! And other days I wouldn't wish my two year old on my worst enemy...

Good luck! ;)

Lynn said...

Ha ha. At first when was reading all the cute little things Bryn says, I got excited thinking about how our little Brynn (yeah.....I thought of your Bryn as soon as they told us what her name was going to be. YAY!) and all the cute stuff she will say too. Maybe even before Colby comes home off his mission!! Wow. Hard to imagine.

But then I read about the terrible two stuff. Oh. Oh. Glad it won't be me. HA ha.

P.S. She is SO adorable!! Love all the cute little hair doos. Seriously. So cute!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Loved reading and seeing all the pics! Love you and busy Bryn!! Okay I love your blog and reading all the neat stuff in your family.

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Such a fun post and the pictures were the best too.
Thanks for sharing. It made me laugh right out loud.
Miss you and you and you...hugs.