Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hypocrisy — public face, private pain

When I read this article called Hypocrisy-public face, private pain it made me smile and it was also like a slap in the face as I think we can ALL relate to what he is talking about.  

I know for me, I put unbelievable stress on myself to try to be something I am not at times. I do it because I want so badly to become the person I truly and fully can be...make sense? I think that is something that happens over time though...we "grow into" ourselves...eventually we become who we longed to be and have worked so hard becoming. Good or bad...hopefully good!! That is why we are hear, being become ALL we can become...all that Heavenly Father knows we can be!

When he said, 

"Godly character is worn from the inside out, shining in our daily thoughts, deeds and actions. It doesn't wear a mask. It shuns the accolades of the stage. When the double-standard disappears, godly character reveals us for what and who we really are. And that is no act.

it was a definite a-ha moment...I love it when that happens! Those moments of learning the things that are so important are the greatest.

He also gave us these questions to ask our self before criticizing anyone, ask yourself three questions: 

Is it true?

Is it kind? 

Have I been guilty of the same thing?

By considering those questions, we would be better served to substitute kindness for criticism.

I think it is important to keep striving to be all we can be...but not to be what we aren't, cause that won't make anyone happy in the end. It causes to much stress on oneself. But that is where we all need to not be so judgmental of people (I am speaking to myself) as I know I can be at times. And that is something I am working on changing about myself as I REALLY don't like that about myself.

"Be wise with your families. Be wise in fulfilling your Church callings. Be wise with your time. Be wise in balancing all of your responsibilities. O be wise, my beloved brothers and sisters. What can I say more?"  -M. Russell Ballard


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Good thoughts, and inner reflections. Feel the same way. Loves. Mom

Lynn said...

That last quote is a really good one!