Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy 69th Birthday Dad!!

  It was my Dad's 69th Birthday yesterday...Monday, February 21 2011!
Dad and my niece Elizabeth

My Mom was saying that Elizabeth and my Dad have nicknames for each other, "Twerp" and "Old Man" ha ha that is way too funny! I can just hear both of them calling each other that.

My parents went to my sister Emily's house to celebrate Dad's birthday. Emily made him a yummy cake and they had dinner as well. Wish we could have been there. But we are SO glad Emily and her family made it special for him.

Dad and his yummy looking cake.

My nephews and niece with their Grandparents/ my Dad and Mom.

Back row: Maxwell (14), Elizabeth (12)
Front row: Calvin (5), Kohrman (10), Dad, Mom, Nathan (3)

We were able to speak with Dad on the phone for a bit to wish him a Happy Birthday. I can't believe he is 69 years old. I told my Mom, 

"he doesn't act his age." 
ha ha 

And that is a good thing. As he seems much younger than that!


XO We LOVE you VERY much!! XO

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Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Awesome! I had Dad read it and he said, "Now why would she do this? I am no one special?" Yup that is what he thinks and he is just the salt of the earth kind of guy. He was smiling pretty big though and also said, :That Barb has a good heart!" Oh yes you do!