Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sewing teacher

My sewing teacher, Rose Travers from Airdrie is one of the sweetest people I know. I am so grateful to her and all her help over the past couple of weeks. She came out to my house to help me when I was having trouble with by quilt last week. And then I couldn't make it to the next sewing class to learn what was next for the quilt so she met up with me later this past week and taught me. She is such a kind, giving lady! I love being around her as she has such a calming spirit. And I must add she has patients like no other ha!

Rose is on the left. 

She was helping this lady on her quilt and she cut Rose's finger accidentally. Rose is on blood thinners so it is dangerous for her to bleed as she just keeps bleeding. The thinners make it so it takes a while for her blood to clot.
No one had a band aid so this is what they came up with to try to get her finger to stop bleeding. They called it the "sewing band aid."

She is so fun and so eager to volunteer her time to teach people to sew. We have a good time every other Thursday at our class.

When I met up with Rose this past week we were talking and I told her how in the Fall I would like to take piano lessons. We were talking about our "bucket lists" and things we would like to do and accomplish. I asked her if she knew of anyone that teaches piano and she smiled and said, 

"well, I can teach you!"

I was shocked and she told me that when she gets back from her mission in October she would love to teach me for free at the church each week. Her and her husband are leaving on a 6 month mission starting in April to go to Martin's Cove.

I am SO excited to learn piano!! So, in the mean time I am going to start practicing scales and learning the notes better. I am wanting mainly to learn church Hymns.

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Lynn said...

Oh! Good for you! And what a sweet lady she is to volunteer her time like that. Amazing friend for sure.