Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just some fun!

 Date night with Nanny...
Deb took Tyson with her to the Flames game Friday night. He was really excited to go! He had a great time with Nanny he said.
Tyson and Nanny at the Flames game.

Girls night out...
 Melanie (my sister in law) and I went out Friday night for a "girls night." We had invited our other sister in law Niki, but she had other plans already. We also had invited a couple of girls from our ward to try to get to know them and they couldn't go either. 

We went to Balzac Mall and did some shopping and then ate dinner at the food court before heading movie. All in all it was a good break away. We try to do this at least once a month. We have been trying to get to know other girls in our ward by inviting them to come out with us...but we aren't really having any luck ha ha! So ya can't say we haven't tried. 


Funny Girl!
Kent was getting Brynley reading for church one morning when I could hear him laughing and he said, 

"Bryn, go show Mommy!" 

I was in the computer room when I heard her sweet little voice right behind me saying, 

"Mum, wook, wook (look)!"
Bryn wearing Mommy's bra. 
There she was standing there wearing my bra and her tights ha ha!
Kent told Brynley to get dressed. He had already put on her tights and she went into our room and picked up my bra and was trying to put it on ha ha!! She is so funny! It just goes to show that she is watching everything we do.


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Awesome hockey date! Cute pic.
Silly Brynley...hahaha! Love that sweetheart and you! mom

Lynn said...

LOL! Well at least she knows what it's for. ; D