Monday, February 7, 2011

Book of Mormon

Ever since I got my YW's calling I have been reading my scriptures daily. Our YW's are doing a reading the Book of Mormon in 99 days challenge so I jumped on board. 

Why did I only start reading my scriptures daily since I got my new calling??? Good question! I used to go on and off with reading my scriptures...I meant well, but it usually got put on the back burner.

Reading my the scriptures has always been something I struggled with...not because I didn't believe them, but because I have a hard time understanding them and keeping focused. I have bought numerous books/tools to help me, but nothing seemed to really grab my attention. That was until I got my new YW calling. For some reason I have just become determined to read it and to be quite honest I have loved doing it. I look forward to reading my scriptures daily. 

Having the scriptures on my Blackberry has been awesome...that way I can read my scriptures wherever I am at...and I do! I also went and bought me some scripture stickers and have been applying those...which I have liked doing as well. I am even learning as I am reading and highlighting the things that really touch me. It is awesome! 

I can't wait to be able to FINALLY say I have read the whole Book of Mormon. Yes, this will be my first time to read it all the way through...I am 35 years old and I have never read the whole B of M...sad, but true! BUT, within a couple of months that will all change...can't wait!!

I have found there are lot's of great sites like here and here and here to help you that have interesting tools and reading charts ready made for you and small children. OR, you can type in the date here that you are starting to read and when you would like to finish and it will plot it all out for you and make you a chart so you can get it all done when you want too. I am now reading Mosiah Chapter 2. 

How do you stay motivated to read the scriptures? 

What are some of your tips or tricks to sticking with it?


Angela said...

I recently attended Best of EFY with the Beehives in my ward. I am the beehive advisor. One of the presenters challanged us to read the scriptures everyday for the rest of our lives. Seems daunting, right? But he said just read a verse (which takes about 6 seconds). If you have time for more read more. But just get started with 1 verse everyday. I have taken his challange and have found that if I read one verse I want to read more. Keep up the good work of reading the Book of Mormon!

Lynn said...

I have no tips or tricks. It's a constant battle to keep going. But I did read it all the way through that year President Hinckley gave us a the challenge. I was SO happy! And for the first time the scriptures all made more sense. Sadly, I need to keep on doing it. I get busy and miss a few days. I should just buy an old book of Mormon and rip the pages out and stuff a few in my purse to read whenever I am standing or waiting in line at an appointment. Thanks for the ideas. I am cheering you on!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Good for you!
Best idea is to pray before you read and stop when you are not focusing. I like to imagine I am right there and observing the goings on. Write down any personal promptings you get...they are just for you.
As you live in this day and age with President Monson as YOUR prophet, just remember the prophets mentioned in the scriptures were revery bit as eal beloved to those people they taught and loved as ours is today.