Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trunk or Treat

For those of you who don't know what "Trunk or Treat" is, it is what our church does when Halloween falls on a Sunday. Instead of doing Halloween on Sunday we get together on the Saturday and hand out candy from the trunks/back of our vehicles in our church parking lot. The kids dress up (and some adults as well) and go from trunk to trunk trick or treating. Some people go all out and even decorate the back of their vehicles and have scary music is fun!

Cole (Rubik's Cube), Tyson (Punk) and Brynley (Little Red Riding Hood)

Since I started sewing I thought why not make Bryn's costume...and I thought, how hard can it be...I mean really??? Ok, so not so easy, but I did it! Her cape was the hardest thing to figure out as I didn't have a pattern. 

I made up the bloomers pattern on my own (they were easy). And the bow on the basket I put a plain red ribbon and a plain black ribbon together and then with my sewing machine used the flower stitch on top of both of them with the red thread and had fun creating that ribbon for the basket. 

The cape was the hardest as I didn't have a pattern so I used this one from online that a lady came up with...and let's just say it didn't make any sense so I had to improvise. Good thing it turned out cute still. The skirt looks like a cheer leading skirt ha ha, but it looked cute as well.
 As you can see on Bryn's face she wasn't too happy about her cape. She didn't like it at first...

I was trying to take her picture when I told her to turn around and she began literally turning in it and realized how fun it was to twirl around with her cape on...that is when she decided she liked her cape now and had fun in it!

 Awww...seriously, she just melts my heart...look at that face!

I tried to draw eye lashes on her face beside her eyes (that is what that black stuff is) but she didn't hold still very well so it looks kind of funny ha!

Trunk or Treat...
 Before we left the house I decided that I should dress up as well. Since I didn't have a costume I decided I would just wear my house coat, rollers in my hair and no makeup...I would be a Mom (or what a Mom looks like when she is getting ready anyways)! Tyson was not thrilled about me doing it made me even happier to do it ha ha!
 Here we all are! Kent wasn't with us as he was at a Flames game with Debbie in Calgary.
 Jeff and Melanie and their 4 kids Jade (witch), Logan (ninja turtle) Kori (Uniqua- from backyardigans), Avery (unicorn)

We met them at the church and the kids had a good time. 

The kids going from trunk to trunk getting candy. Once Bryn realized what they were doing and what they were getting she was all for it! The kids had fun, but were very cold by the time they were done.

Once Bryn was done getting her candy, she was cold so I put her in our van. She decided to help out with handing out the candy from the back of our van.

Whenever Brynley would give a kid some candy she would say, "tank you" (thank you) and cute! But, whenever a scary costume came up she would drop the candy and take off up to the front of the van ha ha!

It was a fun evening and I am glad I took the kids and went. I wasn't looking forward to doing it without Kent, but it all worked out!

Halloween 1980 style...
I came across a couple of Halloween pictures and decided I just had to show them In this picture is my sisters Emily, Becky and I.

Emily (ballerina), Becky (scarecrow) and Barb (Little Red Riding Hood). I was 5 years old in this picture. you see any similarities???

 Our Bryn as Little Red Riding Hood 2010 style!

Barb as Miss Piggy in 1981

I LOVED Miss Piggy when I was little. I think I dressed up like Miss Piggy for 3 years in a row ha ha! I was 6 years old in this picture. 



Lynn said...

Oh my gosh! I loved this post.

You are a riot!!!! I loved your last minute costume! I so need to copy that idea.....since that is EXACTLY what I look like have the time. LOL!

And Bryn's costume was SO well done! You are so smart and talented.


I was SO stunned to see you dressed up as Miss Piggy when you were younger. I LOVED MISS PIGGY TOO!!! I had so many things of hers....from stickers to posters, and even the nose and wig.. I collected it all! My nick name was Miss Piggy from grade 5 till about grade 7. Seriously!

I knew I liked you for a reason. ; D

Have you read this:

(You'll have to scroll down closer to the end.)

P.S. My verification word is pigiven. NO kidding! LOL!

Barb Stanford said...

That's hilarious Lynn!! Miss Piggy and I were like two peas in a pod when I was younger...I loved her! I have never known anyone else to have liked her so I do LOL!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

You are right Barb, you wore that costume at least two years in a row. You loved it and you were quite the little actress in it too. Hilarious that you and Lynn are Pigmates!!