Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gratitude talk

I was asked 3 weeks ago if I would give a talk in church on Thanksgiving Sunday (today). I said yes, but let me tell you it made me sick to my stomach as the one thing I really, really don't like is standing in front of people starring at me and speaking. BUT, I was raised that you NEVER say no when asked to give a talk or when asked o accept a new calling. Soooo, therefore I did it!
 This is what I felt like right before I went up to speak LOL!

I was asked to speak on Gratitude. I actually had slowly started making my talk and was not nervous really at all. I tried not to think too much about it. I told myself that if Cole can give 2 talks in 1 years time then I can handle this and to "suck it up!" ha ha

My talk went well...I was sweating bullets, my heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest, and I felt like I was going to throw up...but, other than that it was all good LOL!

Glad I did it as it felt good and I know it touched a lot of people as they came and told me that is always a good feeling...makes it all worth it! 

I even had a lady walk up to me and wrapped her arms around me and said (with a thick English accent)

"you don't know me as I am a visitor in your ward, but I just had to come up and hug you and tell you I think we knew each other in Heaven." 

 She went on to tell me that we had similar stories and she was so touched to hear about me and my struggles with things that she had struggled with. She then said, 

"I think you and I were good friends in Heaven, we must have been...but not so smart as we both agreed for the same trials LOL!"  

We had a good visit and I was so happy she came and talked to me.

The bishop came up to me after wards and told me what a great talk I gave. And he told me that I had better be careful when I give such a good talk as it could lead to other things...oh dear!!

I can't figure out how to get my talk on here so if you would like to read it then I will have to email it to you =)


The Stanfords said...

That's great Barb; one less fear to triumph! I'd love to read your talk.

You could go to design-page elements-add a gadget-pages. also Posting-edit pages. make a new page then copy and paste the words. Then you'll have the link in your sidebar.

Lynn said...

Oh I am SOoo glad you offered up to e-mailing your talk to us if we wanted. I was trying to think of a bold way to ask for it! LOL!

I am JUST like you in ALL ways when it comes to giving talks (and it sounds like we were raised pretty much the same way too. ; D) SO I am so excited to read your talk. SOunded like it was totally given by the spirit!

Melanie Stanford said...

Your talk was really great- I was teary-eyed through a whole bunch of it! And the Bishop was right- they're going to be asking you to speak again because you did so good!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

So happy your talk went so well....loved the hairy baby looking so freaked out. LOL
The pictures of the family are so awesome.
Sorry but I had to chuckle at Bryn;s meltdown...she is such the little cute boss.
Thanks for sharing.