Monday, October 25, 2010

Greatest husband E-V-E-R!!!

Since I have been doing a lot more "crafty" things lately our dining room was being over taken with all my sewing stuff and what not as I had nowhere else to do it all. So, Kent and I decided to make spot for me in our computer room so I will be able to sew and do whatever I need to do.

Drum roll please....TA DA!! 
So we got all of this done in one night. We had most of the materials we needed in the garage already. The counter top was from a job Kent did that they didn't want anymore.
 It is SO great to have everything I need and use in one spot now. There are some finishing touches I still want to do in there eventually. Like add one long shelf up top above the other shelves for my bigger items.
Some of my stuff. On the top shelf you can see a little black basket with ribbons sticking out the holes. That is all scrap ribbon I had that I threw in the basket and stuck an end of each ribbon out of it. This way I can see what is in it and pull it out easily when needed.

I was trying to use whatever I had in the house already to organize myself. So I thought this tiered metal stand would hold all my craft paints just fine.

This is our computer room/craft/sewing room now! It is the best room in the house =) ha ha
This peg board is perfect for holding all my type of tools I will be using and needing. 

This is from Ikea as well. I didn't want things on the counter so that way I had lot's of space to work on.

It was so fun setting all of this up. Having everything organized is awesome and knowing where it all is now (and in one spot) is even better!

These cute little glass jars are from Ikea. They can sit tilted or flat. I have them up on the shelf hanging on the wall there tilted holding all different sorts of "brads" in them.
This wire 4 drawer set holds all my "to do" projects. Each drawer is all the materials for that single project in it. Have I said how WONDERFUL it is to be so organized! And it tucks away so nice under my counter top.

This is the greatest room in the house! The room already had the red and white stripes on the walls (it used to be Tyson's room)...that will hopefully be changed sooner than later. My hope is to one day make this a really cute sewing/crafting space. I have so many ideas that I would like to do...but it all takes time!


Angela said...

I love the craft room, what a great idea. I can't wait to see all your fun creations.

Lynn said...

Oh it's so cute already!!! You truly have great organizing ideas. HAve fun sewing!

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Woohoo!! Awesome. So happy for you and looking forward to seeing much creativeness coming out of this room. Hugs!