Saturday, October 30, 2010

School Halloween fun!

Tuesday morning Cole decided he wanted to be a Rubik's Cube for Halloween. Which meant we only had 2 days to make his costume before school on Friday...that is when they are supposed to do a parade at school in their Halloween costumes.  
Now, you have to know Cole to understand that he usually doesn't get into doing stuff like this...but he was really excited about this costume. So Kent and I decided we needed to make this happen if Cole was actually showing excitement for it LOL! Kent and Cole made it and it turned out really well!

Cole even got 1st place in his middle school for the best costume =) He was VERY happy about that!

Tyson was a Punk as you can see. His costume was easy as it was all from the dollar store ha ha!

Our boys ready to go have fun at school!

The boys had a great day at school in their costumes and had lot's to talk about when they came home. I love hearing about their days =)


Lynn said...

Oh my Heavens! I have two boys who are NUTS over the Rubik's Cube!!! Our son even took his on his mission with him. ; D

They would LOVE this idea for a costume. You guys are so smart!! Love it.

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Great kids and MY grandkids! Such fun pictures and a even funnier write up! Give them hugs for us!