Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Tyson!

Tyson Jeffrey Stanford
9 lbs 2 oz 21 inches long
October 9, 2000
10 years ago we had thee best Thanksgiving Day gift...Tyson was born on Thanksgiving Day! 

Since Tyson was turning the big 1-0 we told him he could have friends over for a party! It is always hard to have a birthday party for Ty as it is usually around Thanksgiving and no one can come. But it worked out good this time as we had it on Friday, October 8. The only problem was that it was one of his best buddies actual birthday...but he came. 

Tyson had 3 friends (Palmer, Gavin and Paden) over and 2 cousins. His cousins Taylor and Josh didn't make it until later in the evening as they had hockey.

We made sure we did our traditional balloon numbers on the window.

Palmer, Cole, Paden, Brynley, Tyson and Gavin eating supper. Tyson requested Hamburger Stroganoff as that is his favorite.

Tyson saw this cake at Walmart (Oreo cake) and had to have it. It was huge and they hardly made a dent in it.

We sang Happy Birthday to Tyson and Paden (since it was Paden's bday that day). They were cute as they were holding there breath and blowing out the candles...they were both happy, happy, happy!

Paden and Tyson are good buds!

This is how much cake was left over. We barely at one row of it! Good thing it is Thanks giving weekend and we can take it over to have everyone eat the rest of it =) It was really good though...VERY filling!

Ty opening his gifts. He was one happy boy as he got the new Nintendo DS XL that he was wanting. We made sure we had a present there for Paden to open as well. He opened it up before Ty opened his presents.

Gavin, Tyson and Paden...silly boys!

Palmer, Tyson, Paden and Gavin. These boys were hilarious and ohhhhh-sooo similar! Palmer is quite the comedian and had us laughing a lot.
They played games and had tournaments. They went for bike rides and watched the new DVD Karate Kid. They all slept over and we made sure lights were out by midnight.
      Saturday morning we made pancakes for breakfast. The boys were all talking about how they were scaring each other all night long. I was shocked as we NEVER heard them...thank goodness!! Sounds like they had so much fun...and we are glad =) They all started filtering out around 10:30 a.m.                                     

HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY Tyson!!!

XO We Love you XO

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Lynn said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tyson!! WOW. That is so cool to have your birthday on Thanksgiving.