Friday, October 8, 2010

Brynley's 2nd Birthday party

Saturday, Oct 2 we decided to celebrate Bryn's birthday as her actual birthday day (Tuesday) is already packed full that evening with church obligations. So we decided to do it a few days early instead!

Saturday morning I got up and started making cup cakes for her party. I figured with all the little kids that were going to be there that that would be easier to eat than cake.

Bryn watched me putting in the cup cake liners and of course wanted to help. So I gave her her own cupcake tin and cup cake cups and she had a good time playing with them while I was busy making the actual cup cakes.
She went and got her apron and had me put it on her as I was wearing mine. She LOVED being in the kitchen with me and pretending to bake =) It was fun watching her play and mimic the things I was doing.

Princess's and Prince's Oh-My!
Bryn didn't have a Princess dress so we got her this one (she picked it out). Ohhhh she looked so friggin' cute! She didn't like wearing the crown and kept going and playing with the swords I had bought for all the boys ha ha!

 I had Melanie dress her girls in their Princess dress's to come over to Bryn's bday party in. When they arrived I gave them each a crown and a Princess sash. They all looked SO cute!
 I even bought the boys crowns and swords and they were Prince's for a few moments anyways LOL!
 Roel wasn't there when we took all the pics...but when he did arrived he arrived as a King!! He was so happy to be dressed up and he looked so cute! The boys had a good time playing with their sword and having sword fights.


Birthday cupcakes
 Brynley wasn't too sure what was going on when we lit the candles and started singing to her. She went very shy and kept looking away...poor girl! Kent jumped in and went and had her lean down and showed her what to do. 

Brynley LOVES her cousin Jade (7 years old). Whenever Jade is around Brynley follows her around like her shadow.

The weather was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L on Saturday! So the kids had a great time playing outside and eating outside. 

Brynley got a lot of wonderful gifts and loved everything she got.
I hit the jack pot when I found this cute table and chairs at the second hand store for only $14. It says Princess all of the table and chairs and has stars and crowns on it. It was a BIG hit with ALL the kids. There are only 2 chairs so they were all fighting over who go to sit on them ha!
Brynley got a little plastic tea set that makes pouring sounds as you tip it. Bryn makes her own slurping sounds as she pours it and drinks from the funny! 

Bryn, Jade and Kori playing with Bryn's doll house.

Snow White
Melanie bought Brynley this cute Snow White costume and I bought the wig. We laughed and laughed when we put the wig on her (it was a fight at first). But then she walked away and left it on and went and played outside.
She was so cute jumping on the trampoline like nothing was going on and her little dress bouncing all over the place. All the cousins were giggling and thought she was so funny!
Brynley playing with her magnet Ballerina doll. Her Aunt Emily gave this to her and Bryn plays and plays with it. Such a smart gift and toy to give!

Thanks everyone who came and help made it so special for Brynley! And to all those who couldn't be here, we understand and wish we could have beamed you all here so we could have seen you =)


Lynn said...

Oh loved this post. I am giggling like crazy. How cute, fun, adorable, and preciously priceless! She is so darn cute.

And I am happy to see that she loves to be in the kitchen already. She will be cooking and baking all on her own in no time, if you continue to let her make a "mess" in there as she learns. Cami LOVES to bake everything now on her own.......and I love it. When I don't have time to cook, I just ask if she can help me out. I think she even wants to go to school to learn how to be a chocolate or pastry chef. She asks me questions all the time about famous chocolate makers and every time we are in the mall, she has to head over to the chocolate candy stores just to look and get ideas. She loves it.

Barb Stanford said...

That is the BEST PRINCESS party ever. I am so sad that we could not be there to play with her. My boys would have loved to be her 'Prince Charmings' LOL. I showed all of the pictures to my kids and they were in awe over how big she has gotten. So am I. What a cute little lady. Hope she had a great day. We were thinking of her. I tried to call, but the phone was busy and then we were gone all afternoon at the doctors office. I AM A TERRIBLE SISTER/AUNT! Please give Bryn extra hugs and kisses from all of us tonight. We love you all.


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Princess Brynley was indeed in her royal court and kitchen! Wow the pictures were worth a thousand words!
Wish we could have been there to enjoy Brynley's cute and clever antics!

She is one adorable two year old and you created a magical birthday!
Love her and her family!

Angela said...

I loved seeing the birthday pcitures. The balloon number in the window is genious. Brynley was so adorable in her princess dress and her snow white dress. Amazing how different girls are than boys? I'm glad we have both gotten the chance to have a child (you a girl and me a boy) that is a different gender than the children we already had.