Friday, October 15, 2010

Sunday Morning pics

 Sunday morning I wanted to take some pictures before leaving for church as I thought my family looked pretty sharp. As soon as I was done taking the kids pictures Cole wanted to take our picture.

 Kent and I
I think Cole took a pretty good picture of us!

 Mr. Cole

He wouldn't smile when I was taking his picture as he says he doesn't like his smile...hmmm, gonna have to work on that!

It seems like all of a sudden he is so grown up.

 How cute is this face?
 Those cheeks are SO kissable!

 I had fun editing these pictures. I am wanting to learn how to take better pictures so the more I take the quicker I will learn I guess =)

Birthday Dress from Nanny
Brynley loved this dress and when I put it on her for the first time Sunday morning she went right to the long mirror in the hallway to take a look. She was turning and looking at herself in it and smiling!
Debbie brought home this beautiful dress from Utah for Brynley for her birthday. She looked adorable in it! She wore it to church this past Sunday and we got SO many compliments on "how grown up she looks in that dress" and "how beautiful that dress is."

The back of her dress

At the bottom of the skirt all the way around it were these little rosette flowers.

Brynley having a melt down as she wanted Tyson's Nintendo DS XL. He had just got that for his birthday so there was NO WAY he was letting her touch it...she was T.I.C.K.E.D!! 
 I kept snapping away and taking pictures as she was having a her melt down and it made her even madder. I thought it was funny that I was able to get her doing this all on pictures =) Nice Mom I am hey LOL!

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Lynn said...

LOL!!!!! Nothing like documenting a melt down. So funny. Love it Barb!

P.S. Your family is SO good looking. Love all the pictures on this post. Beautiful!