Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Decorations

Can I just say...

Bryn doesn't like all the Halloween decor in all the stores. When we go by something "gary" (which means scary) she closes her eyes and covers her ears with her hands and says, "gaaaaarrry!" I am a bad Mom, as I think it is hilarious when she does it.

Volleyball Fun!
Melissa (Kent's cousin, Derek's wife) invited us to come play volleyball with them at their church in Olds Friday night. 

Cole was at a friends house so he wasn't with us. Tyson came and he played volleyball for the first time and did really well...much to our surprise LOL! I didn't end up playing as I was tired and just wanted to hang out.  

"Ohhhh, babies!!!"
(this is what Brynley kept saying when she saw the babies)

There were 2 babies at the church when we were there. Ella and Daniel (they are both 2 months old I believe). Ella is Dean and Shiobhan's baby girl and Daniel is Melissa and Derek's baby boy. Dean and Derek are Kent's cousins that live in Carstairs about 8 minutes north of us.
Brynley trying to comfort baby Daniel

It amazes me at only 2 years old how nurturing and loving Bryn was to both these babies. 

When either one of them would fuss Bryn would come right over and say, "ohhhh baby" and then try to give them their soothers and put their blankets on them. She would hug and kiss them and then go play!
Brynley playing with baby Ella. 

She just LOVED being around these babies! It was so fun to watch her with them. 

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Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Oh my stars this is the darling of stories about Brynley. The pictures add so much to it too. You were just like this at her age. Love that Bryn, so glad she loves babies. Volleyball sounds so fun!
Hugs...miss you all.