Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas Advent Wall Quilt

Halloween decorations are down and now Christmas decorations are going up. Everyone thinks I am crazy and that this is WAY too soon for Christmas decorations. All I have to say to that is never too early for Christmas decorations. This way we get to enjoy them being up longer =)

I have always wanted a nice Christmas Advent wall Quilt. I have never found one I liked so I decided to make one. It was fun to make...time consuming, but fun!

It is hard to see, but here are buttons sew all over the advent calendar where you hang each nativity piece. 

Here are the nativity pieces that get hung onto the advent quilt.

Here is what it looks like with all the pieces hung on it. I love it!!

I made a drawstring bag for all the pieces to go into. There was a panel that showed where all the pieces were to be placed onto the quilt and I figured since I needed to know where it all went why not use that.

I figured it can be hung on the wall behind the quilt for easy access to all the pieces.

It all turned out great and now I need to finish making all my other projects that I have on the go! 

This sewing stuff is addicting...but so worth it! I am making 3 girl baby blankets for Niki's baby...those should be done by this week. And then I will start making my family all their Christmas pajamas...I am so excited to make these!!


Barb Stanford said...

Okay, now you're just putting the rest of us to shame. I can barely get lunches made some days, let alone sew pajamas. You are a champion. Good luck with your new found passion. You are amazing.


Melanie Stanford said...

It's NEVER too early for christmas decorations! I was going to start mine today but settled with just my wreath- too lazy for antyhing else.

Lynn said...

Oh I agree!! It's never too early for Christmas decor. If only my body would let me get back my energy these days.. I am working on that. But hopefully all the Fall stuff will come down this weekend. Cross your fingers for me! LOL!

Gayla Woolf Holt said... so cute! Bless you in all your sewing projects.