Saturday, March 12, 2011

YW lesson

This past Sunday I taught for my first time in YW. It was the YW combined lesson, so ALL the YW were there and ALL the YW leaders as well as one of the Stake YW leaders. I was incredibly nervous!

The lesson was on Eternal Families. I came across a YW website called Sugardoodle that has TONS of wonderful ideas on it. There was a lesson idea on there on the exact lesson I had to give and it sounded so creative and fun so I had to use it. You can read about it here...go to the lesson outline and read, so fun! Or you can read it on on it and it will enlarge a bit, but it is kindof small still to read.

I also used some things from this website called A Little Tipsy that they had made for this particular lesson as well...go here to check it out.

I printed off this suitcase on a piece of paper for each girl to use when I needed them to write in them during the lesson. 

This was their luggage they were taking on their journey to Eternal Life and they couldn't take anything tangible with them in it. So they had to fill it (testimony, Faith, Family etc.) with whatever they would want to take with them to help be able to get them to where we were going (Eternal Life) so that once they got there they would have an enjoyable time (read the lesson and it explains it all more.)

I printed these wings off on cardstock and cut them out.

When I began the lesson and told the girls "we were going on a trip and Welcome to Celestial Airlines and that I was going to be their Stewardess"...I then taped these wings to my shirt (the girls all giggled as they thought this was great).

This lady on Sugardoodle had made up the most fun handouts to go along with the lesson as well.

This is the plane ticket I printed out on card stock and handed out to each girl at the beginning of the lesson when I told them we were "going on a trip."

Now after I had printed all these off I realized the lady that made these had posted the website where you can go to personalize them all was too late as I had already printed of 20...oh well, they worked just fine.

I added some of my own thoughts and ideas to the lesson to make it more my own. Like I told them that their parents, teachers/leaders were like "customer service" or "security" that you would ask at the airport when you have lost your way. They are there to help you and guide you so you can get to your destination as planned. 

I told them that their parents, teachers/leaders aren't trying to annoy them or make there lives miserable...but we love them and that we want them to reach Eternal Life so that is why we do what we do so that they will get there when it is there time.

I had a couple of quotes up on the wall that said,

"Our spiritual journey is the process of a lifetime, we do not know everything in the beginning or even 
along the way. We first build a foundation of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ."  -Elder Neil A. Andersen

In a world of turmoil and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to make our families the center of our lives and the top of our priorities..."We need to make our homes a place of refuge from the storm, which is increasing in  intensity all about us. Even if the smallest openings are left unattended, negative influences can...penetrate the very walls of our homes."  -L. Tom Perry

"The whole aim and purpose of the gospel is to enable men and women-united as one in the Lord-to create for themselves eternal family units in eternity. Celestial marriage prepare us for the greatest joy and happiness known to mortals and for eternal life in the realms ahead.
May we say, as many have done before, that what men call Mormonism is the very system of laws and truths which will make of earth a heaven and of man a god." - Bruce R. McConkie

This is the hand out I gave to all the girls at the end of the lesson. It is the map that they are to follow along their journey.

All in all I think the lesson went well. It was fun to do! I was sweating buckets by the time the lesson was over...but it was all good. I am so thankful for my calling as the YW Secretary. It has pushed me to become spiritually stronger.


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Awesome! So glad we are in the same eternal family. I love having you as my daughter! Mwah!

Lynn said...

WOW! I sure wish I had you for a leader when I was a YW.