Monday, March 21, 2011

Great invention

Every Sunday it is a battle to try to get Brynley to sit with us during sacrament meeting as she would rather sit with her cousins. If she sees them she is gone and is with them the whole time...and I feel so bad about that as they already have their own kids they are trying to deal with and keep quiet. I have the greatest, most patient sister in laws...thanks Melanie and Niki for being so good about Brynley bugging you every Sunday.

Melanie has always brought these neat Crayola coloring books for her kids to color in to keep them quiet during church. Bryn loves them so I finally went and got her and Bella their own for church.
They are colorless markers so they can' get it all over the place. But as soon as they color on the paper it adds neat.

Melanie`s kids will be relieved now that Bryn won`t be using up their kids coloring pages now ha ha...they have been SO good about sharing with Brynley!

Cute kids...
 Lucas (Niki's son) and Brynley as we are walking around the mall the other day...they were holding cute is that?!

Where to begin...
Ok, so Brynley loves to dress you can see. BUT, what she is wearing is our clothes. Whatever she can get on and play in, she does.

Let me start out by saying please look past the dirty mirror in the picture LOL! She had smeared her tooth paste all over it...nice eh!
This is what she does after she dresses up. She goes and stands in front of the mirror in the hallway and looks at herself and then dances away!
Back view...silly girl!


Lynn said...

HA ha. That's what my sisters and I use to do. Only we would wear pants on our heads to make it look like we had long hair with two "pony tails" at each side of our faces. lol

Melanie Stanford said...

Isn't it funny that the first week Bryn brings her own coloring book, Avery uses it for most of sacrament meeting! Go figure.
And Brynley looks just hilarious in her outfit- was she being a bride?

Barb Stanford said...

That is funny that you and your sister would do stuff like that Lynn. I liked playing dress up as well.

Melanie, our girls are funny...but as long as they are happy and quiet in church I am good with that LOL! I am not sure what Bryn was trying to is definitely interesting though :)

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

I am just busting up seeing these pictures of Brynley in her creative dressing up and admiring herself mode. Hahaha! She is hilarious and so proud of herself! Where is the picture of her in your bra? really I am glad you did not post it!
I miss you all !!!
So fun that you guys all share your kids in church and coloring books. Awesome!
Major hugs!
Mom (still laughing!)