Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cub Car

Tyson has been working on his Cub Car this past week. He was so excited to get it all sanded in the shape he wanted it and then paint it.
 Tyson painting his cub car

 Kent and Tyson working on the cub car together...adding "details" to it.

Tyson with the finished product, showing all angles of his car.

Ty was really looking forward to Cubs this past Tuesday so he could try out his Cub Car. Kent and I couldn't go watch them race the Cub Cars as I had to be at YW and  Kent had Elder's Quorum meetings he had to be too. So we were both disappointed about not being able to watch.

Tyson said his car was one of the slowest ha ha...but, once he put dish soap on the wheels it ended up being on of the fastest. He said all the kids put dish soap on the wheels. The funny thing was that he had put a little too much dish soap as he was leaking all over the tracks ha ha.

All in all he was one happy boy!


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