Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sweet little girl

We are FINALLY officially licensed foster parents as of Friday. The licensing officer came out to our house Friday morning to get it done as there was a child they wanted to place with us already. So by Friday evening we went and picked up our first foster child. 

She came with just a grocery bag and whatever was in it and whatever she had on. In the bag was a couple of t-shirts, 1 pair of socks,1 pair of leggings and 2 diapers...that was it! When we got home we quickly realized the clothes she did bring didn't fit her either, they were too small. So I called my sister in law Melanie to see if she was using the clothes I had given her of Bryn's. She brought those over right away and so we now have some clothes for Bella. We had to go buy her a couple of sippy cups, socks and a few other things. But she is now settled.

She is a sweet little 18 month old girl and her name is Izabella. I can't give out too much information about her or show pictures of her face as it is illegal.  She is a tiny little thing, but, let me tell you, she likes her food ha ha

Brynley and Izabella get along really well and have fun playing together. The girls are only 10 months apart so we are even busier now than before LOL! I don't think I will be venturing out during the day with the girls by myself as I think that would do me in ha ha! Brynely can't say "Izabella" so she calls her "Bella." It is really cute and that is what we all call her most of the time now. Bryn had a couple of rough moments the first couple of days. But she is doing better. She didn't like it when I held Bella so every time I was holding Bella then Brynley wanted me to hold her as well. Whatever one girl is doing or eating the other one wants to do it or eat it as well ha ha!

Bella and Brynley share a room. Bella still sleeps in a crib so we set Bryn's crib back up for Bella and pushed Brynley's bed over. She sleeps through the night (10-12 hours) and is adjusting so well.

Izabella has the funniest cheesy grin she does whenever she knows she is getting her picture taken. She has a great personality and is so easy going. We aren't sure how long we have her. She has a cough and a cold and is teething so we are on top of all that and have taken her to the Dr already. 

It is fun being able to cuddle with this precious little girl as she just melts in your arms and cuddles right in. She likes to dance and to be sang too as well. So when I am cuddling with her, I sing to her and she just lays there and listens. Sometimes she grabs my hand and will kiss it and rub it on her, so sweet!

A BIG thanks to Melanie for all the clothes. Kent's cousin Derek and his wife Melissa also let us borrow a car seat for Bella as well, so thank you to them as well!!


Lynn said...

Barb.....she has gone to a GOOD home. ; D

Laura G said...

Wow, you already have a little girl in your home. How neat is that. What an amazing thing you are doing. I tend a little 2 year old boy during the day, but it is always nice to send him home at the end of the day. Have 2 is so much work at that age. She sounds like a sweet heart!

Barb Stanford said...


What a sweet write up about Bella and Miss Bryn. Bella must feel so loved and secure in your home. Bless you all. Of course, now I am selfish and wish you could keep her for good, safe and sound and cared for!