Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sick of being sick

 I have been sick since Tuesday and I have HAD ENOUGH!! On Friday I thought I was actually getting better...but by the evening it ALL came back and knocked me out again. 

I was supposed to be going down to Lethbridge Saturday morning with Kent and the kids to go to his brother Mike's baby blessing that is on Sunday. BUT, I am hurting too much and too I don't want to get anyone else sick. So Kent took our 3 kids and headed down for one night there and they will be back Sunday evening sometime. Bella is at respite care for one night as well as I just can't take care of her right now while I am so sick. 

So the house is VERY quiet...too quiet I must say! I am going to go lay in bed and do nothing and pray this sickness to go away.


Lynn said...

Oh no!!! I am so sorry you are so sick. If I lived closer I would be over in a heart beat to help out in SOME way. You may not feel like chicken soup....but I could fold laundry or something. ; D

What a sweet man to take all three kids away overnight for you. So sorry that you had to miss YW's broadcast tonight.....I was thinking about you when the YW were singing their songs today. It was an awesome and powerful broadcast....maybe there is a recording of it that you can hear later.

But maybe it's a good thing you didn't go....the weather out there is pretty scary!! I almost got hit good coming home with Cami. Phew!

Rest up and get better soon Barb!

Barb Stanford said...

Lynn, I am so sad I missed the YW broadcast...I heard it was SO good! Thanks for thinking of me, that made my night ;)

Kent is a very sweet man for sure. I told him to leave Bryn and take the boys, but he said "no, Bryn can come you need rest." But to be honest I HATE being home alone...I freak myself out with all the noises our house makes or the noises I think I am hearing LOL...good thing I have our dog Buddy to keep me company tonight :)

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

I echo what Lynn said...all of it.
Hope you are feeling better soon.
Love you tons.