Thursday, March 3, 2011


For a YW activity Tuesday night we learned how to make Focaccia Bread/Artisan Bread. SO simple, smelt wonderful and it was delicious to eat once it was done too!It was neat to watch and I am excited to make it myself. 
Let me tell you my boys were upstairs in a hurry when they could smell this baking. The house smelled like a bakery!

 It turned out great! When Kent came home from work and walked in the kitchen his eyes were huge and he had the biggest smile. We ate our pieces of bread with oil and vinegar. SO GOOD!!

I made these last night as well. They are 2 cookies (made out of cake though) with cream cheese icing in the middle. Can we say lip smackin' good! Warning: you will need a BIG glass of milk as you eat these as they are sweet, but ohhhhh soooo good!

My family was in shock or should I say in heaven with what I made last night. I don't bake that often as I have NO self control with eating it all. So ya, I think I gained like 10 pounds from last nights baking LOL!

Our Neighbors..
We took over some of what we made to our neighbors last night. The husband is dieing of cancer, BUT that being said he has surpassed his "death" date they gave him. He should have died over a year ago and he is still here. They had been in my thoughts all day and so I called over to see if they were home. The wife answered and I asked her how they were doing...she burst into tears and then vented about everything going on. Her Mom is now really sick as well. She literally just had hung up the phone with her sibling who had just called and told her the bad news. So she is devastated! I told her to call me anytime.

She then asked me how is it I always end up calling when she needs to me to call. I told her that is because I felt the spirit and they had been on my mind all day. She has been an inactive member since she was a teenager. And now, I believe she is in her mid to late 40's. She thanked me and I sent the boys over with the food. They called within a half hour saying they loved it and appreciated it! 

We have had many good talks with them. Her husband doesn't really believe in anything. But he says, 

"you are good people and I agree with how you are raising your family and some of your beliefs." 

I worry about them a lot. They are so good to our kids and us. So we will continue to be there for them as much as we can. It is always so fun to do something nice for someone.


Melanie Stanford said...

Yes that baking was amazing! You should do it more often!!! HAHA.

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Yummers on your food! Fun to surprise the family once in a while eh?

Good for you for phoning D and M next door. You truly did feel the promptings of the spirit. Bless you. Maybe you could find some lds articles to let them read that might comfort them. I have no idea which ones but maybe you will Ensign article or Conf Talk. They are in the throw os life challenges and need an anchor and feeling that God cares and hears/feels their anquish.
Much lvoe...MOM

Lynn said...

Oh yeah! Love baking. SO thanks for the yummy ideas. Care to share the bread recipe?

And I agree with your mom....I bet your neighbors truly appreciate having such great people to live next door to. How comforting to have good friends as neighbors.