Thursday, June 3, 2010

Man time seems to be flyin'...

We have been busy the past few weeks going to our Nieces and Nephews Birthday parties, preschool grads and dance recitals. I loved being invited to all is nice to be included. They are all so fun to watch! Thanks for the invites =)

We were down in Cardston the May long weekend helping my parents move out, clean and organize their home. They have renters that have now moved in. My parents don't leave for their mission until September 13th, but they have made other arrangements until the end it has all worked out. It is always easier to clean someone else's home and throw things away. Anytime my Mom was hesitating on keeping something or when she was keeping something we didn't think she needed to we would say, "Mom, when was the last time you used that and why do you need to keep it?" She was really good about it. Now I need someone to come help me do my house =) I am glad we were able to help, even though I don't feel like we did too much.

Alberta weather...ENOUGH ALREADY!#$?

So this is what we were getting for a couple of days this past poor plants and trees don't know what is going on. I tell ya, my sister Emily keeps telling us to move to Utah to be closer to them and I am SERIOUSLY thinking we should cause I have had it with this weather. Mind you, now that I say that I think they just recently got snow as well....crrrraaaap!!! LOL We need to move somewhere nice that is all I am going to say about that!

Drum roll please...I have been waiting almost 4 years for a screen door to be put on my back door and it has FINALLY happened. I received this lovely screen door as my Mother's Day gift. Kindof made me laugh when I saw that I was given a screen door for a Mother's Day gift, but hey, it is something I really wanted for the house so I will take it ;) It is nice as the screen part is on the top of the door instead of the bottom.

The left picture shows the screen open and the right one is with it shut.

It really has made a BIG difference having this screen door as it let's in so much sunlight and helps circulate the air. There are all these little hand prints all over it at the bottom from Brynley banging on it wanting out LOL!

Kent has actually been doing lot's of little things around the house when he has time. It has really surprised me, but been so nice to FINALLY be getting all of these odds and end jobs done. I had the cutest pictures of Bryn helping Kent do a job and some how I deletd ALL my pictures on my computer. So I am trying to figure out how to restore them all...I need someone to come in and help me as I am freaking out about losing all my pics...DANG IT!!!

No more of last Thursday (May, 27th) Brynley is now out of her crib. She wasclimbing out of it and we were worried about her hurting herself. Her crib is one that can grow with her (the sides turn into a head board and foot board for a double bed). We bought a double mattress, box spring and frame and it is all set up. We (Kent and I) have been having fun (or should I say I have been having fun) decorating her room into a "big girl" room. Kent has been wonderful about helping out with it all. When it is done I will post pics...not yet though as it isn't quite done. And I will explain her reaction to it all then =)

Our shoes

I had taken off my shoes and then Brynley's and didn't realize I had put them next to each other like this. Once I had her down for her nap I walked back into the kitchen and glanced at our shoes...for some reason it made me smile!

Seeing "new things" through her eyes...On Friday, May 28 2010 I went into Airdrie with Brynley before the boys came home from school. It had started to rain out. When I took her out of the van rain was falling on us and it was the neatest thing to see her react to it and really notice the rain for the first time. She was squinting her eyes looking up at the sky trying to figure out what was going on. She smiled so innocently and started to giggle as the rain was lightly touching her face, she then put her hand out to try to catch the rain. It was like slow motion watching her do made me realize simple things like that makes me SO happy!

Cole got his stitches out a couple of weeks ago and his thumb is healing nicely. He thought is was cool that the Dr. let him actually pull each stitch out....GROSS!!

His thumb without the stitches...looks much better now than it does in this picture.

Cole is a big "picker"...he can't NOT pick at his scabs whenever he has some. His poor arms are a mess from him picking his scabs whenever he gets them. It looks AWFUL!

I am a big "picker" when it comes to zits ha ha...sad, but true! I get that precious gift from my my kids can thank her for that =). Cole is at that age where he is starting to get zits. Let me tell you it brings me great happiness when he has some ha ha ha...gross I know, but so true! The poor kid gets a "check" done on his forehead atleast once a week (ok, I will be honest probably more like twice a week). He lays his head in my lap and I carefully check out his forehead and face. When he is done it is the funniest thing cause Brynley will come and lay her head in my lap for me to check her ha ha ha...she has no clue what we are doing but wants to be apart of it.

Cole also got a slap shot across the face in school about a week ago playing floor hockey in gym. The side of his face was very sore he said...poor kid! He didn't cry and he just shook his head and kept playing he said...OUCH!?#$

The mark on his face where he got hit...hard to see as this was taken with my cell phone.

Tyson reading...We bought Tyson this book from the church book store a couple of weeks ago. We are trying to keep our kids reading (or should I say interested in reading) so finding books to keep there attention is a task in itself. BUT I am happy to say we hit the jack pot with this series as Tyson REALLY liked this first book. So I am going to go get him the next couple of books. There are 4 in total so he will be done it soon. I don't mind as long as he is reading =) When he was done this book Sunday evening he came upstairs so excited and shocked at how it ended. And says, "Mom, I can't believe it, it just ended....I need the next book to see what happens." I have NEVER seen Tyson get into a book like this so it is awesome that he is so excited. PLUS, it is teaching him good values and morals as well...YEAH!!!

This series is about 2 young boys (12 year old Ben and 10 year old Joseph) who discover there are strange happenings in woods behind their house. A large man in full black armour and holding a crossbow appears out of nowhere. When an arrow strikes a tree right above their heads, Ben and Joseph are forced to run deep into the woods, only to discover an old castle an none other than King Arthur, who offers them refuge. In fact, King Arthur has come forward in time in order to find new knights for his round table - Knights who will fight against evil and Choose The Right. However, defeating medevial black knights, ogres and dragons won't be what gets the boys "knighted." Instead, the real test comes by the choices the boys must make when faced with peer pressure. Finding the courage to do the right thing earns the boys a piece of magical armour (one piece of armor per book) and ultimatley makes them Knights of Right!


This was a good movie, interesting story line. Unfortunelty for our boys they won't be able to see it as it is 14 A and there is a reason for always makes me mad when they put in scenes that are so NOT necessary! It is pretty graphic in a couple parts LOL...grossed me out, but otherwise good.

This was a fun movie. It had us laughing out loud. It was fun to hear the little kids all around us making their comments and reacting to the cute! The boys really enjoyed it. We debated on whether or not to take Bryn as she likes Shrek...but we decided not yet.


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Okay, once again I loved all your postings. My favorite was Bryn in the rain and your shoes! Aw...
Next favorite was Ty and his it. Yeah, anything to keep them reading.
Poor Cole and all his injuries...what a good sport he is. Okay and I admit I do like to pop zits too...but why did you have to share that? Sounds awful on paper but fun in reality! LOL
Your screen door is wonderful...I want one too!
Love you all...Mom

Barb Stanford said...

LOL Mom...ok true enough, I didn't need to share the zit picking thing...too much information! BUT, sad to say it is very much apart of our lives LOL.

Lynn said...

LOL! I was just about to say that I bet your mom doesn't appreciate the zit story and then I come here and that's basically what she says. LOL!

But I had to tell you that I am the EXACT same way! It drives my kids nuts. They can't walk by without me checking their faces.

You having Cole lay on your lap takes me back to when my mom's youngest sister would do the same thing for her dad (my grandpa) everyday after a long day at work.

See? It runs in the family.

Hope this comment makes your mom feel better about the rest of us knowing. ; D