Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crossfield potluck

We go to church in Airdrie and we are apart of the Airdrie 1st Ward...but there are about 16 families that live out in Crossfield that go to that ward...and we really don't know many of them I am sad to say. So anyways, I guess years ago all the Crossfield members used to get together twice a year and do there own thing so they could get to know each other better.

We got a phone call a few weeks ago that they were going to start doing it again (weather permitting)...they wanted to do a pot luck 20 minutes west of Crossfield at a little campground in Bottrell.

Monday, June 21 2010

We were really looking forward to the potluck as it sounded like fun and plus we were looking forward to sitting with people and visiting and FINALLY getting to know them. We stopped at Niki's place in town so her and Lucas could follow us out there. When we got to the campground site we were pleasantly surprised as it was a beautiful location. There was a play ground and a creek, for the kids to play in (didn't know these things would be there so next time we will be better prepared with towels and what not). Lot's of space and the spot we were meeting at was right beside the creek and play ground so it was perfect!

Tyson playing with Bryn and Lucas at the play ground. We spent A LOT of time there!

Kent visiting with someone from the ward.

Not many people had arrived yet when I took these photos. And then I got so busy watching Bryn that I forgot to take more once everyone was there. There was a good turn out. I made Don't Peek Chicken and it was a huge hit!
All the food there was wonderful.

A little girl from our ward (don't even know her name) went running over to Bryn (Bryn doesn't know her either). Bryn looked up at her and grabbed her hand and took her with her over to the horses.

Brynley saw these horses in the field by us and kept walking over there. To get to the horses you have to cross a little road and then there are 2 fences keeping the horses in. Bryn would take off over there and she started climbing through the first fence. I caught her and she was mad...she wanted to pet those horses. I couldn't get them to come to us...but man was she enthralled with them. She is a definite animal lover!

Cole, Tyson and other kids from the ward playing in the creek.

We didn't see much of the boys as they were off having fun in the creek with other kids. The only boy in our ward that lives out in Crossfield that is Cole's age is moving away this weeks. So Cole is bummed about that. But they had a GREAT time they said! I told them next time we will bring towels, sandals, water guns and other toys to play with in the water. They are both looking forward to the next time we all get together with the Crossfield members. I am so glad that they had such a good time. It was neat to see the boys talking with other members as they were eating and getting to know even the adults and vice a versa.

I was a little bummed as I really didn't get to "sit" and visit with anyone as I was running after Bryn the whole time. I was so worried about the creek as it had a steep bank on it and she wanted in it so badly...and there was no way I was going I wasn't prepared to go in the water since we didn't know it was going to be time for sure! Next time I plan on letting Kent run after her so I can visit ha ha...I figure it is a good trade off.

The next get together is planned for this September...and we are looking forward to it!!

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Lynn said...

What??!!!! No recipe for your "don't peek chicken"? Oh please DO share! I hope it's not a family secret. Sounds delish!