Friday, June 25, 2010

random things...

Our handsome boy is back!
We have struggled with Cole about his hair for almost a year now. He wanted it longer than we usually let him have it and we wanted it kept shorter like we have always had it. But, in the end we let him figure things out and a few days ago he asked to have his hair cut back to how he used to have it (short) as he liked it better that way LOL...we were SOOOOOO shocked...but SOOOO happy to get it cut and have him looking back to himself again!!

Cole all of a sudden laid on the trampoline and put up his thumb (trying to be silly) and actually it is a really good picture of him!

Trying to get Cole to cooperate to take pictures of him with his new do was very painful...let me tell you! He doesn't like getting his picture taken (like his Mother)! That is why there are never very many pictures of Cole...cause he walks away and never let's me take any of him. Isn't he handsome...he is really happy as well with his new haircut. He says it feels better now =)

Tyson, Tyson, Tyson...

We were on our way to a birthday party when I turned around and saw Tyson sitting like this with Brynley's Elmo and watching a movie in the van. I had to laugh as he was quite comfortable and it was like nothing was going on...poor Elmo is getting chocked to death.

Little Miss...

We bought Brynley this little red car to play in and she quite likes it. It is funny to watch her play in it and get in and out of it. She will lean out the door at me and jibber away at me as I watch her.

Brynley found the boys skate board in the back yard and was having a good time on it..she is so fun to watch. I could just sit for hours and watch her see knew things and trying to figure things out for the first time.

Little Devil...Brynley broke the head off my angel statue that was in my flower bed. She just can't leave things alone...she is always kissing and petting everything. So when she kissed the angel it tipped over and the head broke off. Brynley was quite upset to see the angel was I!!! It is not fixable as she dropped it so many times showing me what she had done!?*&

Brynley caught red handed...saying, "oh no!"

She loved this statue and I constantly would get after her as she would play with it and I knew at some point it was going to get broken *sigh*

Watching T.V.

Brynley was laying in our bed (like usual) and watching T.V. I thought it was SO cute how she had her arms behind her head like that.

Kent does the same thing when he watches T.V.

Brynley and Kent watching T.V. one morning with their arms behind their heads...too funny! Brynley likes to snuggle right in with her Daddy when watching T.V.

Some funny things Bryn does...

Usually when Brynley is running around she doesn't run...she is so funny! And I might add that she can gallop very fast ha ha!

Everything is "ewwww" or "oh no" in her little world. She also will put her finger to her lips and pat her lips with her finger and say, "hmmmm"...she is the funnest little thing!

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Lynn said...

Love the new hair cut Cole!!! Seriously! Very cool!