Saturday, June 19, 2010

It is done and it looks so nice...

Russ's Headstone
Russ's headstone is now finished and in place. It looks great! Kent, Brynley and I (the boys were in school) drove down to Cardston Friday morning quickly so we could go see it and take pictures for Kent's Mom so she could see it as well, as she is in Ontario.

It stands out so nicely and you can see it right away when you first drive in there. The family wanted the tractor put on there as that was one of Russ's loves...and underneath it they put "Nip, Nip, Nip" is part of a joke Russ used to tell. They wanted something that would make them smile and laugh when they went to visit the graveside. So we were teasing Deb about what is going to go on her side when she passes away...I came up with a computer for the picture (as she is SO into technology) and underneath it saying "Motherboard"....Deb laughed and I think she liked it! Who knows if that is what will actually be put on there...but it was funny!

The wheat on the sides signifies Russ being a Farmer. The two interlocking wedding rings has Russ and Deb's marriage date on them as well. There are flower holders on the sides of it as well.

The back of the headstone

Brynley waving at Papa

I was standing beside Russ's headstone when Brynley walked over to me and I said, "Brynley this is Papa's" she looked at it and smiled and cute!

When I turned around I had to smile to see the Ford truck (which used to be Russ's years ago) next to Russ's graveside. He was a dedicated Ford man!

There was a child's grave across the road from Russ's that has a little lamb on top of the headstone. Brynley kept walking over to it and kissing it and petting was THEE sweetest thing!! All we could hear was her loud kissing sound "mmmwwhhaaa" every time she kissed it.

As we walked around the cemetery she found many more statues that she had to go over and touch and kiss and wave her!

Walking around...
My Mom came out to the cemetery with us. We walked around looking at other people's headstones that we knew.

Grandma Gayla and Brynley going for a walk!

As I was looking around the cemetery I looked up the road and this is what I Mom and Brynley walking together. LOVE IT!!!

Vandalism at the cemetary by a 20 month old!

Brynley kept grabbing at the flowers that were placed at the graves and pulling them out and saying "peyie" which means pretty. I laughed and told my Mom Brynley was out of control as she was vandalising the gravesides by doing this LOL! She would smell the flowers and wave them around like a wand (most of them were fake).

It was a long day, but it was well worth going down for. I am glad we did it as Kent really wanted to see it! We called Deb to let her know it was there and that we took pictures. I emailed the pictures to everyone as soon as we got home.


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

So glad to have seen you guys for a short time. The cemetery marker is so nice. Brynley sure enjoyed her own personal romp at the that baby! Sorry that it started to rain as you wanted to send that bed with you. Another time! Loves. Mom

Lynn said...

Oh how sweet. Your family did a great job in picking the designs and fonts for the marker. Dean's family is still trying to decide on his mom's. Hopefully soon.

Angela said...

Thanks for sharing Kent's dad headstone with us. It is so nice and cute with the tractor and all. I love seeing little Brynley.

Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

You guys picked out a really nice head stone. I love the picture of Brynley waving. So sweet