Monday, June 21, 2010

Crossfield fun!

We have been seeing A LOT of movies lately it seems...but I am NOT complaining as long as I have my pop and popcorn!! On Friday we decided to meet up with Sheri and her 2 boys and go see the movie Marmaduke in Olds.

It was a good middle ground for meeting up with her there since they live in movies are WAY cheaper in small towns than in Calgary. We got a babysitter for Bryn. It was a cute show...glad we only paid $7 for adults and $3 for the kids! It had the kids laughing out loud and enjoying themselves.
Actually Sheri and the boys had come to Crossfield earlier in the day so we all went in out truck to Olds for the movie as the 4 boys convinced Sheri to stay over night at our place Friday night. On the way home to boys were happy, wired and L-O-U-D!!! We told them over and over to quiet down and they just wouldn't listen. We were almost back to Crossfield when Kent pulled the truck over and made the 4 boys get out and he drove away...I was SO shocked! The boys were laughing and running after the truck. Kent wanted them to get some of there energy out and it worked. Once they caught up to us (we drove a ways up the road and stopped) they were out of breath and tired.

The boys were begging to go over to there Uncle Darren's to go play video games with him. Darren had been playing with them earlier in the day. When we pulled into Crossfield we saw Darren driving by so Kent followed him...Darren pulled up to the post office to get his mail. We pulled up right beside him and Kent told him the boys were coming over to spend the night and play games. Poor Darren said, "sure"...I felt bad for him as I don't think he knew what to think about the whole thing.

Darren went in to get his mail and Kent told the boys to quickly get out of the truck and get into Darren's van while he wasn't they did. As the boys were piling out of the truck and into Darren's van Darren happened to look out the window inside the post office and saw what was going on. We were laughing...Darren was not! LOL Kent pulled away and that was that. Sheri called over to Darren's once we figured they were home to make sure it was all ok...and it was. The 4 boys stayed the night and had a GREAT time.

Pete Knight Days in Crossfield
This past weekend was the rodeo days in Crossfield so then we had our town parade Saturday morning. At 9 a.m. Kent, Sheri and I went and set up chairs along side the road where we wanted to sit.
We weren't sure what time the parade started (we assumed 10 a.m.) but man were we started at 11 a.m.! So we sat there for an hour waiting...the kids were not happy about that. Mind you there was a park right behind where we were sitting so that helped. We will definitely have to sit in that spot every year.

Tyson, Brynley and his buddy Gavin and his sister Camryn.

Jeff and Avery...Kent and Bryn waiting for the parade to start.


A clown came walking down the sidewalk before the parade started...some kids liked him and didn't mind him...others not so much!

In the top left picture you can see Bryn standing on the sidewalk a ways away from the clown watching him...not sure of him! When the clown walked towards her she ran away LOL. When the clown left Melanie (my sister in law) was laughing and pointed behind us as her daughter Kori was hiding behind a tree waiting for the clown to leave (bottom right picture).

After and hour of waiting...the parade FINALLY started!

Much to our surprise Melanie was saying this was the first parade her kids had ever been to...couldn't believe it! Jade had a million questions as to why we clap and yell "woo hoo!" She just didn't understand it all...that was until the parade started...then they got right into it and had a good time!

The kids all got lot's of candy...and there was LOT'S being thrown at them, so that was great! They got sprayed with water we told the kids next year they could bring water guns to spray them back...they are excited for that!

This was Brynley's first parade as well. She was clapping away and waving...she had a great time!

Paint Ball...

Right after the parade Kent and Darren took the 4 boys and were gone for the day paint balling near Balzac. Our ward YM's and Elder's Quorum were doing it. They had a BBQ as well. This was Tyson's first time paint balling and he had a blast! They came home VERY dirty...but had lot's of great war wounds and stories to tell.

Sheri and I were shopping all day trying to get things done for Father's Day! Brynley decided to nap in the vehicle for 1 1/2 hours so Sheri and I just hung out and visited until she woke up. All in all it was a good day!


Lynn said...

Oh the joys of small town parades! Can't wait for July 1st. Our home town does a HUGE celebration that day. The village goes from a 300 population to THOUSANDS! LOL!

Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

When we read that that was the first parade that Melanie's kids had been too Russ and I both looked at each other like "are they for real.....?" You tell Mel to get on that will ya! LOL Looks like a fun day with the the fam.

Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Oh wow love parades!! Such fun pictures!! So so glad everyone had such a good time. Loved reading this!
Love Mom