Friday, June 4, 2010

Someone from my past...

Last Saturday, May 29th we were in Strathmore for our nephew Roel's 3rd birthday party. Hopefully his Mom doesn't mind that I took this picture from her blog page since I didn't have an up to date picture to put on here of Roel (Rule is how you pronounce his name)

Roel is Kent's brother Gary's first child.

The birthday party was at the Strathmore church since it was snowing outside. It was a fun party and Brynley and Tyson had a blast. Cole was over at his friends house (Tyler Boyd) as he had stayed the night and we were going to be picking him up once we were done there.

As I was in line getting some food I could feel this lady looking at me...she was sitting at a table off to the side of me. I glanced at her and smiled and then looked away and quickly looked back at her as I realized I recognized her but wasn't sure why. She too was smiling back at me.

I walked over to her and she said, "I know I know you, tell me your name."

I told her who I was and she told me who she was (Sister Seely) and we both laughed and hugged. You see, this lady had a HUGE impact in my life when I was a young Mother for the first time.

An answer to my prayers...

Kent and I were in the Calgary 15th ward with the Seely's when we were first married. We had just had Cole (our first baby) and I was in a very dark place. I had this precious newborn who was EXTREMELY colicky and I was suffering from depression and didn't know it! At the time I thought everything I was feeling and going through was normal for when you have a new baby. Kent and I had Cole one month before our first wedding LOT'S of changes within a year's time! I didn't realize it at the time but I was totally secluding myself from the outside world. I was keeping all the blind shut and I never answered the door and avoided people for the most part.

One day I was struggling to soothe Cole. He had been crying for quite a while and I just couldn't get him to stop...I was EXHAUSTED physically, emotionally and spiritually. ALL I remember is sitting on the couch in the dark in our living holding a crying baby and I too began to cry. In my head I was pleading with Heavenly Father to help me...there was a knock at our front door. Now, normally I would have ignored it but for some reason I stood up wiped my tears (so that whoever was there wouldn't know I had been crying) and answered the was Sister Seely! She was standing there and had such a calming and peaceful presence about her. She explained to me that she was my Visiting Teacher (I knew who she was, but I didn't really know her). She came in and told me how she had been at home when she kept getting the feeling she needed to come and see me and that I needed her (now, remember, we didn't know each other at all). She stopped what she was doing and came straight over to my house. As she was saying all of this I was holding a hysterical baby and I too began to cry as I was so relieved she was there...I knew Heavenly Father had heard and answered my prayers!

She took Cole from my arms and told me to go have a nap and that she would take care of Cole. I didn't even hesitate...I thanked her and went up to bed. I slept almost 3 hours!!! When I woke up I couldn't believe how long I had slept for. When I went down stairs there was Sister Seely sitting on the couch with Cole laying on his tummy across her lap. He was calm and looking around and checking things out!!! She explained to me what she was doing and how to do it so I could do it when she was gone. She figured he had gas so by laying him across her lap on his tummy it was helping relieve that pain. And she was patting his back and swaying her knees from side to side. It clearly helped as he was quiet...I couldn't believe it! She told me to call her if ever I needed her and she would come if she could (she had 8 kid of her own)...I never did call her as I didn't need to. She gave me the biggest hug and handed me back Cole. Sister Seely told me I was a good Mom but that I needed to take care of myself. She felt I needed to go and talk to my Dr about how I was feeling as it seemed like I was suffering from therefore Cole could feel my anxiety...poor Cole! She was right as the Dr checked me out and we had a good talk and she felt strongly I was suffering from Post Partum Depression...not a fun thing to go through!

Back to Roel's birthday party...while Sister Seely and I were visiting I felt strongly to tell her about the impact she made in my life. I asked her if she remembered showing up on my door step that day and helping me with Cole...she couldn't remember for the life of her. I laughed and was amazed as that just goes to show how wonderful she is as she did it and didn't think anything of it. Her husband at this point had come over and I told them the story...they were both amazed! I hugged her and told her how thankful I was for her compassion she showed me that day. I explained to her how it changed me...and probably saved our lives as I was literally in the depths of despair (or at least at the time it felt that way). I was SO glad to run into her like that and tell her how she had impacted my it mattered and I wanted her to know!

I wish Cole had been there to meet her. I have told him of this story before. Depression is a scary thing to go through. I have had it on and off through out having babies. I don't wish it upon anyone. It is something that is truly misunderstood, but people are so quick to judge and label someone when they find out "they have depression." I hope that others after hearing this will be more compassionate and mindful of those around them.

I have never forgotten that day, as it was truly life changing for me! God knew I needed her and I am humbled that he answered my prayers that day. My testimony grew in many ways. It changed the way I looked at Visiting Teaching as well. I realized that it was so much more that what I had understood...the importance of it!


Gayla Woolf Holt said...

Okay, I am crying, after reading this posting as it is so special. I remember you telling me about this, but had forgotten. This just shows me once again, how the SPIRIT does prompt us to do good for each other and that Heavenly Father loves us so much!
Yes, I wish Sister Seely could have me Cole too. He is a wonderful young man.
Love you...

Barb Stanford said...

By the way Mom, I forgot to tell you they said to say Hi! I told them about your mission call and they were so excited for Dad and you. They live in Spanish Fork, Utah I believe it is they said to tell you they may stop in at some point to say hello to you guys =)

The Stanfords said...

It's interesting how that happens. What were the chances that you'd see her again? They happened to be in town that same weekend for a wedding and decided to stop by Roel's birthday because Amy and Adam's family was there.

It's amazing how a simple thing can become a big deal. It just shows that we shouldn't be afraid or too lazy to do something as simple as stop by someone's house or call when we're thinking about them.

Russell and Johanna Anderson said...

I love this story Barb. I actually read it while Mom was telling me the story, so I got it twice LOL. Ya never know how you may impact someone elses life eh! Ya'll look like your having good times. Keep the posts comin!

Lynn said...

I am so glad you recorded this in your journal. I loved this story when you shared it with me and l am loving it very much again!

P.S. And yes....they live in Spanish Fork.